3 Common Daily Practices That Are Bad For Your Health

For most people, everyday life brings with it some daily routines. And while some of these routines are meant to make your life easier or your day better, some of the routines that you’ve developed likely are having more of a negative impact on your health rather than a positive impact. 

To help you see where these things might be taking place, here are three common daily practices that are actually bad for your health. 

Forgetting To Eat Breakfast

It’s very common for people to have crazy busy mornings that leave them scrambling to get everything together and get out the door. In this madness, breakfast may seem like the one thing that you just don’t have time for and can justifiably skip more often than not. However, this really isn’t something you should be doing on a regular basis.

According to Julian Cymbalista-Clapp, a contributor to Reader’s Digest and Business Insider, skipping breakfast can wreak havoc with your metabolism. Because of this, people who are trying to lose weight or even just maintain a healthy weight should make eating breakfast a priority. Also, if you have a day that’s going to be equally busy to your morning, you’re going to need the fuel and energy you get from breakfast to help you power through whatever your day is holding for you. 

Using The Wrong Storage Containers For Food

Whether you’re storing leftovers that you’ll eat again later or putting a portion of your favorite snack or drink into a separate container, it’s vital that you put your food in the right storage container if you want to keep yourself healthy.

What you should be most concerned with, according to Michael Martin, a contributor to EatThis.com, is storing food or drinks in anything with BPA lining. Most food storage containers proudly market when they’re BPA-free, so this is a distinction you should keep an eye out for. Also, you’ll want to be careful about what plastics you use in the microwave and how you dispose of plastics as well. Using compostable or biodegradable plastics are usually going to be your best option. 

Not Thinking About Your Posture

In your life, you’re probably using your phone, tablet, or computer for a huge portion of your day. And while using these things in moderation isn’t necessarily bad for your health, the way many people contort their bodies to comfortably use these items can be bad for you.

With this in mind, Nicole Pajer, a contributor to the Huffington Post, recommends that you really think about your posture when using your smartphone or other devices during the day. If you can, try to keep your posture neutral in your neck and shoulders so you can avoid tension in those areas. 

If you’re on a journey to be at your optimal health, consider how making some of the changes mentioned above could help you to get there.