3 Hair Loss Symptoms that Might Require Professional Attention

It’s only natural to feel distressed at the thought of losing your hair, even more so if you’ve already started experiencing hair loss. If your hair has always been one of your favorite features, hair loss can be a particularly hard blow. 

Hair loss is a gradual process but you will be able to pick up on it during the earliest stages, especially when you start seeing more and more strands of hair on your clothing, in your shower and around your house. Your hair may even start to feel more brittle in conjunction with the excessive shedding. If you know that something isn’t right, it’s best to schedule a consultation with a hair loss specialist while there are still more hair loss treatment options available to you. 

Many men don’t actually give hair loss enough thought and tend to brush the symptoms off or peg it on stress, the wrong hair care products or seasonal hair loss. 

However, if hair loss is not something you want to live with, knowing what signs to look out for and acting promptly can completely change your results should you choose to seek treatment. 

Hair Loss Symptoms to Watch Out For

According to male hair loss specialists, Man Cave Sydney, these are the most common signs of hair loss that you definitely shouldn’t ignore. 

  • Circular or Patchy Bald Spots

It’s not uncommon for bald spots to form in irregular patches or random circles. If you’ve started noticing bald spots that are round or if your hair has started to become quite patchy, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to speak to a hair loss professional. Hair loss that occurs in these patterns is often accompanied by a burning or tingling sensation too. This symptom makes it even easier to pick up on hair loss that requires professional treatment. 

  • Thinning Hair

While hair loss can occur quite slowly at first, there are ways to pick up on the problem before it has a chance to get serious. If your hair doesn’t feel as thick and dense as it used to when you brush or run your fingers through your hair, it could be time to get a professional opinion. Thinning hair is one of the most obvious signs that you’re losing your hair but this can also be a positive because it gives you a chance to seek help early on. Early intervention really does make a world of difference and it can increase your chances of enjoying a fuller head of hair for much longer. 

  • A Receding Hairline

Receding hairlines are almost a given for men over the age of 50. However, if a receding hairline starts becoming more prominent before the age of 50, it’s a sign that you could be in the early stages of hair loss and it’s time to get a professional opinion. A receding hairline will get worse over time and it leaves the scalp exposed. Seeking help early on can improve the situation twofold and save you a lot of stress and embarrassment. 

Hair loss is not something to be feared. Advancements in hair loss technology mean there are a number of highly-effective surgical and non-surgical options available to men and women struggling with hair loss. In some instances, it’s simply a matter of addressing the underlying cause of the hair loss in order to reverse the effects. With the help of the right professionals, you can easily slow down the hair loss process or reverse it altogether. Early intervention plays a key role in how successful your results will be though.