Does Writing Have Any Health Benefits?

In school, writing is part and parcel of the system. But have you ever wondered if it is really beneficial? Or it’s just but one of the must-do things? Most often, people feel that writing, especially when it comes to school work, is tiresome. But what most people do not realize is that writing has immense health benefits too. Not only does good writing help you improve your grades, but it is also beneficial at late stages in life. Find out more below

1.     Exercises your mind

The same way you need to exercise to be fit is the same way you need to write to exercise your mind. Taking a pen and paper to write helps you come up with ideas. Have you ever had an essay to write, but you had no idea how to go about it? Best believe, the moment you pick up the pen and paper, you will see that the ideas will start flowing seamlessly. Writing also keeps your memory sharp and helps you remember easily at all times. 

2.     Boosts your mood

We all have days when we feel like things are not working out or even feel like doing nothing at all. At such moments in your life, you have to learn how to boost your moods. Bad moods make you lazy or even grumpy. To avoid such, try writing, be it essay writing, writing on your journal, or writing a blog post. Within no time, you will feel more energized and rejuvenated, and you might find yourself falling in love more with writing in the process. 

3.     Improves your communication skills

Sometimes, it can get hard to communicate with other people, especially if you are a shy person. But did you know that writing can help boost your confidence and your communication skills? Thought you should know. The moment you put your ideas on paper, you get to understand them better. And in cases where people are talking about a concept that you have written about before, you can have the confidence to contribute to the conversation. 

4.     Helps to reduce stress

Some events that happen in our lives can make us feel stressed. For example, if you have lost a close friend in an accident, you might get stressed which if not careful enough might lead to depression and other health issues too. To avoid finding yourself in and out of the hospital, it is best if you take the necessary measures to ensure that stress does not overpower you. Writing, for example, can help you get over stress. Expressive writing, for instance, enables you to put down your feelings on paper, and it is through that process that you are able to heal. Therefore, the next time you feel that something is disturbing you, grab a paper and pen and start writing. You will be surprised at how relieved you will feel at the end. 

5.     Helps you have a good night sleep

If you have ever tried sleeping when stressed, then you know how hard it can be to find sleep. You will find yourself tossing in the bed for hours and hours, and in some cases, you might not be able to sleep at all. If you find yourself in such a situation, try writing. As aforementioned, writing helps you reduce your stress levels. And when the stress hormone, cortisol, is reduced in the body, your moods get uplifted and subsequently, you can get good sleep. Research has shown that people who write before going to bed have a longer and better good night sleep.

6.      Improves your level of thinking

The more you keep on writing, the more you expand your thinking capability. Writing helps you think of things from a wider perspective. And most often than not, the more you continue writing, the more you will want to read more books. This, as a result, helps you to become a better writer. And who knows, it is in the process that you can even begin your essay writing career and start earning money. 

7.     Improves your quality of life

Lastly, writing has a significant impact on your life in general. You will always feel happier after writing, your mind will always be sharp, and your physical well-being will also be in check. In a nutshell, writing helps your physical, emotional, and mental well-being, which makes you lead a healthy life. 


Now that you know the health benefits of writing, it is about time to grab your pen and paper and start writing. In the long run, you will be improving your quality of life!