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3 Jobs That Can Kill Your Sex Life

As we make our way through life, many of us find ourselves married and taking care of families. It may not be the life of the 50’s with the white picket fence, the six well mannered children, the hardworking husband and devoted housewife, but we make our way nonetheless.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, thee are many more diversions to consider when planning a family and taking care of a relationship. As we now have both men and women leaders in the home, this debacle can come from either angle.

No matter who is the financial leader in the home, the amount and quality of intimate time with our spouse is an often overlooked, but necessary quality of a successful marriage. The majority of issues stem from the need to provide outweighing the need to spend quality time. Below are three jobs that can kill your sex life and some ideas on how to fix it.

Small Business Owner

It is the ultimate financial dream to be able to be your own boss and make your own money. The idea of the small family business is not new and seems to be more popular as bigger companies continue to raise prices on goods to all time highs. However, the running of even a small business takes a lot of time and there are only 24 hours in a day.

Between making sure that the business runs smoothly, customers needs are met, and employees are as well paid as they can be, the time left for your spouse can be minimal. Your spouse may even be involved in the business with you, but this is never a substitute for alone time.

You must make time, even if you have to schedule it, to make love with your spouse. Never count out the spontaneous gesture in the company office, either. This time of intimacy will not only keep your marriage strong, but is a good way to relieve stress brought on by the running of your business.


In the religious realm of the church, sex often becomes a taboo subject, even among married couples. However, the fact that the divorce rate within the church matches, and sometimes exceeds, the divorce rate of the rest of the world might hint at dysfunction in the bedroom.

Being a pastor is a tremendously arduous job. From taking care of the church finances to offering counseling for the lives of his/her parishioners, a pastor’s life is often a non-stop progression that leaves little time for him/herself much less their significant other.  

Again, balance is required. As a devout Christian, a pastor must remember what the Bible says about loving his/her spouse. Part of that is paying attention to the physical and emotional need for sex. Matter-of-fact, the Bible states that the only reason for denying your spouse is for an agreed upon time of prayer.    


Being a landlord can be an extremely lucrative opportunity. There is no doubt that the amount of money to be made in property ownership and renting is extensive. However, there is a fair amount of work involved in maintaining and taking care of a property. This is not to say that hard work is a bad thing, but balance must be maintained if you are going to take care of any relationship the way it needs to be.

As a landlord, you must be provide the upkeep for your property, screen prospective renters or owners, collect rent, and continually advertise what you offer. This leaves almost no time for your spouse and can include a detail of danger you may not be equipped to handle. This could leave your spouse completely without you.

Instead, why not hire a property management company to handle all the details. This not only keeps you safe, but will free up all kinds of time for meeting your spouse in an intimate wonderland without worrying about your income.  

Your spouse is worth the time and although marriage is not all about the sex, it is indeed a key ingredient of a happy one. Practice balance in your life. Make time for intimacy with your spouse.