3 Things You Can Do For A Healthier Scalp and Beautiful Hair

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Don’t Forget To Brush

Many people only brush their hair after showering or when styling. However, this isn’t the best time to brush your hair if you’re wanting to ensure your scalp is as healthy as it could be. Salon founder Eva Scrivo tells Krista Bennett Demaio, a contributor to Prevention.com, that brushing your hair before you shower can be more beneficial to your scalp health. This is because the brush, especially when it’s a natural bristle brush, can help to remove any dead skin on your scalp before you get in the shower. This will make it easier to clean your scalp and can even improve your hair growth. As the brush runs through your hair, your natural oils are distributed from root to tip, helping to moisturize every portion of the hair and boost the circulation to your scalp as well.