3 Tips For Staying Healthy During The Summertime

While most people think of winter as the time of year when they’re most susceptible to getting sick, illness and injury can come on at any time, including during the heat of summer. Although the dangers and risks that come with staying healthy in summer can vary from those in the other months, your fun in the sun shouldn’t cause you to let your guard down about protecting your health and the health of those you love. So to ensure you’re able to have a safe and happy summertime, here are three tips for staying healthy during the summer months.

Increase Your Water Intake

During the heat of summer, it’s natural to feel more thirsty than you normally do. But while you might be tempted to quench your thirst with soft drinks or even drinks of alcohol, the best thing for you to be drinking is just plain water. According to Stacy Simon, a contributor to Cancer.org, drinking water can help keep your body as hydrated as it needs to be as well as aiding you in cooling off when you get too hot. Make sure, however, that you don’t wait to drink until you’re feeling parched, as dehydration can already be setting in. Rather, stay on top of your water intake and sip consistently throughout the day.

Be Smart About Being Outside In The Heat

In most places, the temperatures that come along with summer are markedly higher than those in other months. Because of this, it’s important that you take care when being out in the heat, especially if you’re going to be working hard outside. To help keep you safe, Dr. Frank Lipman, a contributor to BeWell.com, advises that you try to do your work outside, whether it’s working out or doing yard work, early in the morning. Before the sun has risen is going to be the coolest part of the day, so make sure you’re taking advantage of this time whenever you can.

Get Some Vitamin D Without Harming Your Skin

Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air and vitamin D. But when you’re doing this, you’re going to need to make sure you’re finding the right balance with your skin. According to Alexia Dellner, a contributor to Women’s Health, if you’re going to be outside for more than 10 minutes, you should be sure to put on sunscreen with a high SPF. If you’ll be outside for 10 minutes or less, you should be fine without sunscreen and be able to get the right amount of vitamin D for your skin without getting sunburned or harming your skin.

To help you and your loved ones stay safe this summer, consider using the tips mentioned above.