3 Ways a New Relationship Can Affect Your Health and Self-Awareness

A 2018 report commissioned by eHarmony, revealed that 64% of Americans were happy in their romantic relationship with a partner or spouse, while about 50% were not as pleased, according to PR Newswire. Couples build a healthy relationship when they possess maturity, self-awareness, and awareness of each other. To achieve this goal, you and your partner must go through a series of dates before committing to a serious relationship. 

Dating is a necessary phase to get to know each other and refine your preference to create a healthy relationship with your partner. However, a new relationship will always have positive and negative impacts on your health and self-esteem, no matter how cautious you are.

Improved Health

There is emotional stability and a feeling of fulfillment when you are in a healthy relationship. You experience improved psychological and physical health, such as reduced stress levels and risk of depression. Other health benefits linked to a happy relationship include better sleep, a comfortable lifestyle, improved heart health, and healthy eating habits.

Increased Positivity

When your relationship is meaningful, you feel positive about yourself and life in general. Healthy connections have a set of standard characteristics that boost a positive attitude. While there are many ways to build a positive relationship, complementing each other stand out. Giving compliments is a sign that you appreciate your partner with their own set of unique traits and values. In fact, understanding their personality will help you use the right tactics to give your partner compliments that brings out positive validation.

Change in Self-Awareness

The response of your partner plays a strong role in the strength of the relationship. In fact, your self-esteem may shrink when aspects that boost confidence in a relationship are lost. If a wife, for instance, refuses to watch a football match with the husband or gives negative comments about sports, his interest in the game might decline. This results in self-concept contraction, and he may not refer to himself as a sports fan anymore.

However, the size of self-concept changes depending on the status of your relationship. If you and your partner are happy, your self-concept expands to create room for new traits or make existing habits more significant. For example, a woman may discover a love for sports and fitness after going on dates involving outdoor activities with a partner who is caring, supportive, and communicates effectively.

Meaningful relationships should improve your lifestyle on multiple levels. However, a new relationship presents a set of inevitable changes. Your partner will influence your health and self-concept positively or negatively.