3 Ways that Clothing Choices can Affect Your Overall Health

Picking out clothing in the morning is an activity that takes both time and effort. With so many different colors and styles, choosing clothes to wear for the day can be a challenge.

One factor that many people don’t consider when choosing clothing, however, is the way that clothing choices impact overall health. Choosing clothes for the day can not only affect your physical health, but your mental health as well.

Consider making alterations to help you save money and have a better clothing fit. By using a tailoring service, you can save money on new clothes and improve your own health, both mentally and physically. When your clothes fit better, you will feel better.

Gut Health

Most people don’t realize that clothing choices can impact your gut health. Individuals who are prone to stomach issues and reflux often find that their symptoms become worse with tight or restrictive clothing. Tight pants, belts and tight shirts are often a nightmare for people who have poor gut health to begin with, especially after eating a meal.

Those who find tight clothes irritating should consider wearing looser clothes to help themselves feel better. Leggings with long, flowing shirts, elastic waistbands, and loose skirts are all ways to combat the restrictive feelings of tight clothing.

Mental Health

What you wear can impact your confidence. If you feel like you look good and are comfortable in your outfit, it’s more likely that you’ll have high levels of confidence that day too. If you have a big day at work, make sure you pick out something that will make you look good and feel good.

Different clothing styles bring different levels of confidence to different people. If you feel most confident in a certain style, consider shopping for that style more frequently. If there are certain clothes in your closet that don’t make you feel good about yourself, consider having them altered or get rid of them completely.

Cardiovascular Health

Clothing choices can have an impact on cardiovascular health as well. If you’ve ever worn something too tight or had your circulation cut off, then you may be familiar with the feeling of blood being unable to travel to your extremities.

If you have clothes that are causing this, consider wearing something looser or flowing to encourage proper blood flow. It’s important that you wear clothes that fit properly, both for your cardiovascular health and for your own comfort. This will not only boost your tolerance to make it through the day, but it will help to improve your own mental health as well.

What To Do

If you’ve ever experienced your clothing choices impacting your gut, cardiovascular, or mental health, then it may be time to make some wardrobe changes. For many people, buying a completely new closet isn’t in the budget.

Alterations are a great alternative to getting rid of anything that isn’t perfect. Alterations can make any piece of clothing fit your body in a way that is comfortable for you.