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Maintaining a Proper Diet

Maintaining a Proper Diet

A healthy and energetic body is essential for those passionate to become successful entrepreneurs like Shalom Lamm, who has run an array of businesses for close to 40 years.

A direct route to a healthy life is by maintaining a proper diet.The maintenance of a proper diet comes from knowledge of the food that makes an appropriate diet. Food that fulfills all the body’s nutritional needs makes a proper diet. The human body needs a specific amount of nutrients and calories to stay healthy and active. A good diet feeds the body with essential nutrients without exceeding the right calorie intake per day.

Avoiding foods with low nutritional value and junk is part of maintaining a balanced diet. Nutritionists recommend that five major food groups are the best source of nutrients.

A balanced nutritious meal should include vegetables and fruits, forming around half the portion of food on the plate because they are the richest source of healthiest nutrients. Proteins and grains should make up the rest of the serving on a plate. A low-fat dairy in the form of a small serving completes a balanced meal. A product with nutrients similar to dairy can also stand-in for dairy.

Examples of nutrients in a balanced diet include proper proportions of:

• Vitamins

• Proteins

• Carbohydrates

• Minerals

• Fats

• Water

Role of Calories in Proper Diet

Calorie intake is a frequent work in discussions about dieting. Calories represent energy stored in food that someone consumes. Calories fuel the body to perform functions like breathing, thinking, walking, and other vital functions. The average daily calories requirement for an adult is around 2000-2500. The requirement varies according to sex, level of physical activity, and age of a person. For instance, men require more calories, so it is within their range to consume 2500 calories when women restrict their intake to 2000.

A key to maintaining a proper diet is eating the calories proportional to the daily activity to balance the energy that the body consumes when it requires energy and the one it stores. Good calories come from foods with nutritional value. Processed food generates a higher amount of empty calories that do not add nutrients to the body. Soda, energy drinks, fried, baked, and other junk food contain empty calories.

A higher intake than the body needs adds weight as the energy it does not consume becomes fat. Eating or drinking too little triggers loss of weight. Calories should come from a range of foods to achieve a balanced diet that provides the body with all the nutrients it needs.

Benefits of Maintaining a Proper Diet

A proper diet is vital in providing essential nutrients to the body to use the energy to perform different activities. Lack of a balanced diet makes the body more susceptible to infections, fatigue, and reduced activity.

Eating a proper diet keeps the body healthy and active. A nutritious diet activates the immune system to fight non-communicable diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. It also prevents malnutrition, especially in children.
Those who aspire to thrive in the private sector and build an empire like Shalom Lamm should prioritize their health by maintaining a proper diet.