3 Ways to Transform Your Health in the New Year

3 Ways to Transform Your Health in the New Year

Being as healthy as possible is usually on almost everyone’s top list for things to achieve in the new year. You want to pick things to focus on that feel achievable – things that you feel confident adding into your daily routine. One of the best ways to transform your health is to look at what you’re putting in your body. Yes, it’s really important to have a healthy diet filled with plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins so you can nourish your body, but it’s also really important to take a hard look at what you’re drinking each day too. We can put a lot of empty calories into our bodies by drinking lots of calories. Getting into a regular exercise routine can be hard, but by making it social with friends you’ll have the incentive of seeing your favorite people to get you back in the gym each day. Try to get the right amount of steps each day so that you can be active without thinking too much about it. If you’d like to learn more about my top 3 ways to transform your health in the new year, keep reading!

Look At What You’re Consuming
You can even extend this further than what you’re eating and drinking, in terms of media, the news and your thoughts. But what you put into your body matters and it’s important to be mindful of what you’re consuming. Often people will write a lot about what foods you’re eating and how to improve the quality of the foods, but I’ve noticed that not a lot of attention is placed on what liquids you’re consuming. Red wine, for example, can actually be a really good part of a healthy diet. Why not splash out on some personalised glasses to make the experience more special?

Get Active, With Friends
I’ve tried so many times to get into the gym or a sport by myself and I just don’t have the motivation to stick to it. However, having a friend waiting on me to see whether I show up really motivates me. It’s also a great way to catch up with them when life is so busy and friendships often fall to the bottom of the pile. Try taking a yoga class with a friend, or going to a gym workout class together. It can be a great way to take your friendship to the next level while working out. Spending more time with healthy, fit friends will rub off on you in the right way too!

Get Your Steps In
One of the best ways to be more active is to get your steps in. If you can borrow a dog to walk, if you don’t have one, all the better. I personally like to aim for the round number of 10,000 steps and find myself pacing around my living room to get them in if I’m short each day. It can be a great motivator to take the stairs instead of the elevator, or mix things up. I like to have this baseline of what I’m aiming for as it forces me to do a little more each day which I know is so good for my body.

Your health is your most important asset. Without it, your quality of life sharply declines. I hope these tips give you some fun ideas of how you can transform your health in 2023.