4 Essential Tips To Help Men Attain A Healthy State of Mind

Over time, studies have shown that mental health issues are becoming more prevalent among men, although they manifest themselves in different ways than women. Work pressure, family obligations, emotional trauma, and financial worries are some of the common factors that lead to increased stress levels in men. 

These conditions must be properly managed and if it is true that the mind is the engine of the body, then more priority should be given to achieving the perfect mind-body balance.

When the mind is at peace, the body will function properly, and everything else will fall into shape. But what are the exact steps to take in order to achieve a healthy state of mind? Here are 4 tips to help you stay sane and improve your overall well-being.

1. Share your worries

We all have worries. They come every day in different shades. If it’s not the bills, it’s an ill child or even work-related stress. Whenever any of these issues come up, a lot of men tend to soak it up rather than let it all out, thinking that it’s a weakness on their part to share their worries with people. Well, that’s a wrong notion because a problem shared is a problem half solved. So, rather than keep everything to yourself and lose your mind slowly but surely, you should purge your mind and you’ll find peace.

2. Improve your social life

A great social life is a recipe for happiness. There’s this sense of belonging and fulfillment you get when you hang out with people who love and appreciate you. Every moment shared together is a treasure and the mind is at ease knowing that there are people who actually care about you. But this should not be limited to hanging out with family, friends and colleagues alone. Look for blogs and online communities that discuss topics that interest you and join in the conversation. For example, IconicMan covers topics such as health, adventure, technology, women, lifestyle, business, and entertainment. This and other similar websites are great places to hang out because you’re not only learning from other people but also building relationships with them.

3. Feed your mind with positivity

Staying positive is simply therapeutic; it’s a natural way to extend your life. Positivity is all about controlling your emotions and knowing that something good will come out of every bad situation. True happiness comes when you have nurtured your mind to always see the positive sides of everything such that even when the worst happens and you fail, there will always be something you can learn from the experience. Truth be told, having a positive disposition towards everything doesn’t happen overnight. But it’s definitely achievable if you align your expectations about life properly.

4. Get adequate rest

We are not robots. We all need something to help us recharge after being drained by life’s daily struggles. Getting adequate rest is a foolproof way to stay healthy and productive because when you rest, your brain is relaxed, your thought process is well-coordinated, and your mind stays sharp. On the flip side, inadequate sleep will slowly erode your immunity and in the long run, it makes us vulnerable to serious health problems such as strokes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. All you need to reach optimum health and avoid these disease conditions is an average of 8 hours of sleep per day


Your state of mind dictates your actions. It reflects in the way you deal with people and in your disposition towards the issues of life. When the body is stressed, the mind cannot function properly and if care isn’t taken, you will eventually lose yourself.  Therefore, if you want to achieve longevity and enjoy your life at the same time, then you must give more attention to your well-being, using the above tips.