4 Intensely Romantic Movies You Can Watch with your Partner

Have you ever given a thought to why we enjoy romantic movies so much, even when we know they are fictional? Romantic flicks let us live vicariously through the characters, where we can empathise with their loss and love. Couples prefer to watch a romantic move on their dates, where they hold their hands and kiss in the cosy ambiance of the theatre. Movies coming out lately are more reality based, impacting the young couple in the same way.

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If you too are planning to arrange a movie date night at your home with your wife or girlfriend, here are 5 quick picks for you.

4 Intensely Romantic Choices in Movies

  1. Fault in Our Stars: It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you” – It is the story of a teenager Hazel Grace played by Shailene Woodley whose life changes when she meets Augustus Waters starred by Ansel Elgort, at a cancer support group. The movie, based on John Green’s bestselling novel, is a clear illustration of soulful acting and a life-changing journey that brings these two characters closer.
  2. P.S. I Love You: This heart touching movie is based on a novel by Cecilia Ahem with the same name. It is no less than interesting to see a husband, just before his death, leaving his wife letters, to guide her to a life without him. If that’s not convincing the Scottish husband, Gerard Butler looking extremely handsome and academy award winner Hilary Swank could become the best reason to pick this hopeless romantic as your favourite pick.
  3. The Notebook: The movie starts with Duke reading the story of Allie and Noah to Ms. Hamilton who suffers from Alzheimer’s on a daily basis out of his notebook (both of them are actually Allie and Noah) Based on the Nicholas Sparks novel, The Notebook, the story is of an unlikely couple, who in their teens, fall madly in love with one another. Sadly, they were later separated by circumstances and girl’s parents. Fortunately, after years later, they find each other and discover their love for each other is still intact. In the end, you’ll end up realizing that you have just watched an epic.
  4. Lie With Me : Don’t expect any dialogue, because it isn’t the kind of movie you’ll watch for some romantic dialogue, but for cute thrifty outfits, artful apartments and sex. Well, in this Canadian drama film that played at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival, there is a lot of skin, of both Lauren Lee Smith’s and Eric Balfour’s. It’s not appropriate to call it a conventional romantic movie, but you can watch it to see the unsimulated sexual content (actors engaged in an actual sex act) displaying the intensity, and the extent of sexual desirability of a man and woman, followed by jealousy and pain.

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