4 Major Benefits of Wearing a CPAP Mask at Night

4 Major Benefits of Wearing a CPAP Mask at Night

For people who suffer from sleep apnea, and even for those who think they may have it, it is vital to learn everything they can about solutions that can increase their health and quality of life. Sleep apnea has many negative health complications, some of which are serious. A CPAP mask can be vital to properly managing sleep apnea. Here are four major benefits that the CPAP mask has to offer, and keep in mind that these four are just the beginning of a very long list.

1. Better Sleep Quality

One of the biggest impacts of sleep apnea is poor sleep quality. Not sleeping well, snoring, intermittently stopping breathing, and waking up all through the night severely disrupt sleep cycles. As a result, you are never able to get the deep, restful sleep needed for your body to recover from the previous day. Lack of sleep leads to a whole host of problems, including exhaustion, irritability, inability to think clearly, and lack of energy.

With a CPAP mask, you are able to remedy this interrupted sleep. Through forced air entering your airways, the device keeps your throat open, allowing for constant breathing without obstruction. That, in turn, means better sleep quality and a more restful night of sleep.

2. Cardiovascular Health

Studies have shown that left untreated, sleep apnea has many negative impacts on cardiovascular health. It can lead to high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, coronary artery disease, aFib, heart attack, stroke, angina, and congestive heart failure. When not treated properly, sleep apnea can have deadly consequences. The simple change of using a CPAP mask can lower your risk of these conditions and provide you with better cardiovascular health overall.

3. Better Memory and Productivity

When you are suffering from sleep deprivation, this has a negative impact on your memory and productivity throughout the day. Prolonged untreated sleep apnea deprives your body of needed deep sleep cycles and leaves you exhausted throughout the day. If you work, then this can poorly impact your productivity. Exhaustion makes it difficult to work hard. And, it impacts your memory. Foggy brain and short-term memory loss are common side effects of lack of sleep.

4. Reduced Risk of Accidents

On the same note, when you are sleep-deprived, you will be more prone to making mistakes that could lead to dangerous accidents. For example, many people have fallen asleep while driving and been involved in deadly collisions, If you work with machinery at your job, then you know you cannot take risks there as well. When you begin getting a good night’s sleep with a CPAP machine, this makes you more aware and alert during the day, possibly preventing dangerous accidents.

If you have sleep apnea or think you may have it, then there are very good reasons for considering a CPAP mask. It could improve your quality of sleep drastically, and beyond that, it could help prevent the dangerous health effects sleep apnea can have on your body. Sleep apnea does not have to rule your night.