4 Pointers To Keep In Mind Before Taking Your First Yoga Class

If you are new to yoga and eager to give it your first shot, there is no need for you to worry – you are not alone. Having grown to a considerable extent in popularity for the past few years, it shows no signs of slowing down whatsoever. However, there are also a lot of people who see it as nothing but one more trend to follow, which is a shame considering that there is a lot more to yoga than that. Having its origins in India all the way back in 2700 B.C, it has spread across the world in a remarkably short period of time.

However, one of the main misconceptions people have about yoga is that it is very tough. Well, the truth of the matter is that it is only as tough as you allow it to be. There is no requirement of a specific level of flexibility or body type for you to practice yoga with ease on an everyday basis. That is for certain. Clearing the air regarding any myths about the exercise is the first thing that one needs to do before buying a mat and rushing to the nearest yoga center. That way, you will not only be able to have fun while learning something new, but also make the most of your experience. 

On that note, here are the top four pointers to remember before your first yoga class:-

  • Wear something comfortable and loose-fitting: It is very important to remember this. Not only should the attire absorb sweat well, but one should be able to breathe, stretch and move with relative ease. Since leggings are the most popular wear for yoga, you can opt for that.
  • There are multiple styles of yoga to choose from: From vinyasa to hatha yoga and many more, it can be rather overwhelming at first to figure out which of the styles suit you the best. The best option would be for people to call the studio and ask which style of yoga would be the best option for beginners.
  • Make sure you introduce yourself to the teacher: Once you let them know that it is your first class, they will certainly go out of their way to guide you through the class and take extra care with you in the case of any prior injuries or problems. Ignoring the pain of a previous injury could land you at the nearest Bodytonic Clinic for a long time to come. This is the mark of a truly qualified instructor who knows exactly what they’re talking about.
  • Be aware of all the basic rules: This includes removing your footwear outside, observing complete silence with the exception of the instructor and keeping your mobile phone on silent mode. Just remember – yoga is an activity that stresses as less noise as possible and one should always respect that. This includes making sure that there is ample room for everyone to lay out there mats and practice yoga comfortably.

Finally, what is most important is realizing the fact that whenever one is starting something new, there will always be a certain level of expectations and judgement. This is what you need to let go of, especially in the case of yoga. When one has shed all inhibitions and expectations and has a good and patient teacher, you can be sure that everything will certainly work well for you in every way. 

With the passing of time, yoga gives you the best opportunity to be able to connect to your breath and body, giving you the ultimate peace of mind after a hectic day. It is ultimately up to you to give yourself a fair chance and open yourself up to the fullest so that you learn everything that yoga has to offer with an open mind.