4 Reasons Soda Is Losing Popularity In The US

Not too long ago, soda was the drink of choice for a significant portion of Americans. In fact, it wasn’t uncommon to hear of people who hardly drank anything else. It’s more appealing to drink than water because it’s sweet, it comes in a variety of flavors and some of it contains energy-boosting caffeine. However, the beverage has been declining in popularity recently. Here are the main four reasons why Americans are moving away from soda.

It’s Bad For Health

Medical research and dental advertising are making people increasingly aware of just how bad for them soda is. It contains little more than pure sugar, which has been closely linked to diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disorders, reproductive problems and cancer. Furthermore, excess sugar consumption is one of the prime factors in the country’s climbing obesity rates. Another threat it poses is to dental health. Besides being high in tooth-rotting sugar, soda is also very acidic. As your natural oral bacteria consume the sugar in your mouth, they produce acids as a by-product of their digestion. When the acidity of the soda itself is added to this mix, tooth decay can progress rapidly.


The fact that people are becoming more health-conscious means that they’re inevitably going to become more wary of chemical additives. Soda contains a slurry of unnatural substances including chemical sweeteners, brominated vegetable oil, artificial colors and flavors and chemical preservatives. Nearly all of the man-made ingredients found in soda have been repeatedly proven to cause detrimental health effects in humans. There are natural sodas that are free of these harmful substances, but they are prohibitively expensive for most people.

Better Performance

Drinking soda in excess, even if it contains caffeine, can hamper your physical stamina and performance. Too much sugar releases chemicals in the brain and body that cause sluggishness and sleepiness. Furthermore, the episodes of hypoglycemia brought on by regular consumption of soft drinks can cause muscle weakness, fatigue, tremors and low endurance for physical activity. If your job or hobby requires you to move, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice by drinking soda.

Saves Money

The nation’s shaky economy has left a lot of households barely able to scrape by each month, and the rising cost of groceries isn’t helping. Therefore, it becomes important to avoid buying products that cost too much or aren’t truly necessary. Although soda appears cheap, it’s a considerable expense if you drink it regularly. Soda does nothing to quench your thirst and actually makes it worse, which makes you drink even more. By comparison, water is virtually free. By cutting soda and other soft drinks from your grocery list, you could shave a handful of cash off of your food budget.