4 Reasons You Might Be Gaining Weight

When it comes to something that more people have in common than they have as a difference, it’s wanting to lose a few extra pounds.  Many people live busy lives with a variety of temptations along the way which lead them packing a few more pounds than they would like.  

Many people can’t figure out how they can lose that extra last bit of weight and sometimes get so frustrated that they give up altogether.  Here are some of the reasons that you may not be able to get off those extra pounds that have crept up on you.

Lack Of Exercise

It is important that the number of calories going into your body is less than the amount of calories that are going out.  If you are consuming more than you are burning then your body will start packing on the excess calories storing them as fat.

In order to make the right balance between calories in versus calories out, you will have to get physical.  That means going to the gym, taking the stairs, or walking instead of driving.  Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day will not only make you look better, shedding extra weight, but studies show it will make you live longer!

Improper Diet

Eating things which are processed and come out of plastic rather than directly from the earth can pack extra calories and chemicals. Make sure that you eat a diet which is rich in micronutrients and as close to its natural form as possible.  This way your body can break down the food much easier and faster leading to faster metabolism and digestion.

If you are eating foods which are high in fat, fried or have ingredients in them that you can’t pronounce, chances are that you should start making some changes.


One of the reasons that people gain weight suddenly is because they have become pregnant. When you are pregnant your body starts retaining water and, you guessed it, growing a baby.  You have extra blood flow, fluids, and a placenta which can weight about 1.5lbs on average at birth.

Therefore, before you start working up a sweat on the treadmill assuming you’ve been sitting on the couch a little too much, make sure that you eliminate the possibility that you could actually be pregnant.

Health Complications

Certain health complications and diseases can lead to unexpected weight gain.  As a general rule of thumb any time your body starts putting on or shedding weight suddenly out of nowhere, it is important to go to the doctor to make sure that it isn’t anything out of the ordinary.  This way you can treat it as early on as possible.