4 Things you can learn about a person through testing your hair

There are instances when one would be asked to undertake a hair follicle drug test. It is also possible for one to have their hair tested to analyze their DNA and for other reasons. Most of the tests done on hair samples have to do with the search for drugs. These can be tests for banned drugs as well as tests for other drugs that could be prescribed but then used for the wrong reasons.  You can learn more at HairFollicleDrugTest.info website. We shall discuss some of the things that one can find by doing a hair follicle test. Are there traits that can be learned about people through their hair?

Here are 4 things you can learn about someone through testing their hair:

  1. Their drug use

Also known as the hair follicle test, this kind of a test is done on someone who is suspected or taking drugs. It can also be done when one wants to test if they have used drugs in the last 90 days. Unlike the urine test that can positively indicate if someone has used some drugs in the last 1 week, the hair follicle test will detect traces of drugs used in the last 3 months. Hair follicles from the head are taken for the testing process. At least 100 to 120 hair follicles are collected and these are then tested in a hospital setup. They can also be tested at your workplace if such a test is required. There are specific kits that can be bought for this purpose.

  1. Interesting things about the test

Other than the ability to tell what drugs someone has used for the last 90 days, a hair follicle test is good in that it can show results even if someone tries to wash their hair. Even if one tried to cheat in any way about their drug use, the hair follicle test can still detect drugs. You may be interested to know that even if you smoked marijuana or any other drug in the case of second smoke, the hair follicle test would not detect drug usage in you. No shampoos used to wash the hair would beat the hair follicle test.

  1. Alcohol abuse

It is also possible to determine somebody’s alcohol abuse patterns through their hair. This test has been done most of the times when a court has wanted to know the frequency of alcohol abuse by a parent or parents of children who face some sort of neglect. The hair testing for this purpose has also been done where alcohol abuse has been combined with other types of drug abuse.

  1. Occupational and alternative medicine

Hair analysis has been commonly used to diagnose or screen for some deficiencies of minerals in alternative, occupational, and environmental medicine. When hair follicles are taken for this purpose, they are tested and analyzed for metals and minerals in the hair samples. It is said that people with autism have a mineral concentration that is quite high in their hair. Mineral deficiencies can also be detected through this test.