The top 3 benefits to using a Juul wrap

Juul e-cigarettes are fast taking over the smoker’s world as they are not only stylish but offer a better alternative to smoking cigarettes. The e-cigarettes come in a metallic cover which most people find bare and can get boring with extended use. The Juul is also very vulnerable to scratches and dents when used with its original cover making it look ugly and looks unpleasant.

Adding the wrap goes a long way in making your experience more satisfying, but what makes thesel wraps worth considering?

  1.    Protection

We are all used to dropping our Juuls time and again giving them scratches and ugly marks all over. It is very often we hear one complain they drop their Juul more than once in a day. The constant dropping has given your Juul a distinctive look that makes you identify it when you are out with friends. However, nobody like the look of scratches and dents on their items.

These wraps are the best way to avoid these dings on your Juul. By applying a skin to your vapour, you will be safe even when it falls. There is no substantial frustration than that of breaking your Juul or the time it takes for a new one to ship to you. Water spills over your Juul are easy to wipe off without messing the device when you have a custom skin.

Your Juul warranty can also benefit a lot if you have your Juul in a wrap. In case you need to take it back to the manufacturer for any repairs having a cover on makes the device look new and pristine. Sending it back with dents and scratches makes it look like you don’t take care of your Juul. Giving it a wrap will protect the outer shell and keep it looking well taken care of.

  1.    Customization

We are all unique in our ways. You may be a patterns person, but then your Juul comes in a metallic coloured shell. The wraps give you the chance to add a splash of yourself to the Juul by customising it with a wrap that speaks to you.

This device that you have on you, your desk or mostly on your hand needs to be brightened up in a way that makes you feel right about it.  The Juul wrap gives you a lot of room to make the vapour one that you are proud to carry around and use even in public. Juuls come in a wide variety of variances making sure you have something that fits your preference.

On the other hand, you can take different wraps, mix and match them to make patterns that look amazing. You can also customise the juuls that you love.

  1.    Application

Applying the wrap to your vapour is super easy, and you can do it without any manual or instructions. It fits the Juul perfectly to cover all the edges tightly leaving the vape looking good and crisp as if unwrapped.

The battery indicator light has also been cut out in the wraps ensuring you can still monitor your devices charge level even with the cover on. A matte finish is applied to each wrap to make sure your Juul feels as it would feel without the juul.


Photo by ilonatermors