4 Tips For Drinking Responsibly

Alcohol use is something which is widely accepted in a variety of social situations.  It’s been around for centuries and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. However, studies show that although alcohol may lower your inhibitions or get a party going, it can have serious effects on your health.

Drinking doesn’t just affect your well-being short-term, but you can feel the effects of heavy drinking for a long time to come. So where do you draw the line between casual drinking and when alcohol becomes a problem?  Here are some of the best tips for keeping your drinking in check.

Never Drink On The Job

Drinking at your place of employment puts everyone at risk.  You could get seriously injured depending on your profession, and your boss could get in serious trouble.

If you respect your employer and want to keep your job, you should avoid drinking on the job at all costs.  You could cause a considerable amount of loss for your company if anything were to happen as a result of being intoxicated.

Never drink before you have to go to work, even if it’s the night before.  A hangover can be even more debilitating than anything. Try to save drinking occasions for when you have no plans of working anytime soon.

Don’t Do It When Emotions Are Running High

Drinking when you’re feeling emotional could lead to considerably dangerous consequences.  When you’re feeling sensitive, you often feel more inclined to continue drinking even when you know you should stop.

You’re better off drinking when you’re in a clear state of mind and can gauge how much you are drinking.  As a general rule of thumb, drinking and emotions don’t mix!

Don’t Drive

Under no circumstances should you ever get behind a wheel and drive after drinking. Always arrange a ride with someone who is a designated driver, otherwise arrange a cab.

Even if you think you haven’t had much to drink even a glass or two can alter your reaction time.  Often people make the mistake of assuming that they’re much more clear-headed than they are. All it takes is one slight mistake to lead to seriously hurting yourself or someone else on the road.

Assess How It Affects Your Personal Relationships

Drinking can lead to all sorts of social issues.  Since alcohol can lower a person’s ability to rationalize, people who drink regularly may find themselves frequently arguing with their loved ones.

If you notice that your relationships are starting to become affected by your alcohol use, then it’s probably a good idea to stop drinking.   When you start losing more than what you’re gaining from alcohol, it’s a pretty good indication that it’s not serving you.