4 Tips to increasing your concentration and study habits in college

Being in college is one of the most challenging stages in one’s person’s life. Imagine the different responsibilities and the pressure to maintain a good balance between school and your personal and social life. Many college students are now getting prone to getting sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, stress, depression, and anxiety. These are just some of the reasons that many college students have difficulty in managing their time and in getting distractions out of the way.

In order to start improving your concentration and study habits, it is very important that you identify the root cause first and work your way up. Many people have already been there and those who made the initiative to fend off their distractions have succeeded in getting good grades and developing proper time management that they have carried over towards adulthood. Just like any other skill, concentration can be learned if you have the willpower to do so. To help you ace your next exams and the succeeding ones, here are four tips to increase your concentration and study habits in college.

Find a place where you can study.

The first step is to find a place where you can study without any distraction. It can be a coffee shop in your neighborhood, a library in your school, or a study area inside your home. Your bedroom will not be a good choice since you might feel the urge to relax and take frequent breaks. If you can’t find one, you can always set up your own study nook. Make sure that there are good lighting, proper ventilation, a spacious table where you can place your study materials, and a chair that is comfortable enough to prevent body pains but not too comfortable that you might get sleepy. You may also sip on your favorite drink or munch on some snacks if those will help you concentrate better.

Reward yourself from time to time.

Another way to improve your study habits is to list down your goals and monitor your progress along the way. Once you have reached a milestone, you can reward yourself with a hearty meal, a good movie, or something that will make you motivated. Just make sure that the reward is not too much and that you redeem it after you have completed everything on your list.

A healthy body makes a healthy mind.

Poor health can have a great impact on your concentration and study habits. Make sure that you get a good sleep every night and avoid staying up late for no good reason. Eat a balanced diet and do not skip your meals. Exercising regularly and taking supplements such as Pure Nootropics to enhance your mind will also help you a lot.

Establish a good study routine.

Find the best time that your focus and memory retention are at their most optimal state. You may start your study routine after taking a warm shower, after going to the gym, or anytime that you feel relaxed and motivated. Always stick to your schedule and be determined when saying no to distractions.