4 Ways to Help During Brain Injury Awareness Month

Led by the Brain Injury Association of America, March has marked the yearly observance of Brain Injury Awareness Month. This year continues with the theme, “Not Alone”—showcasing the need for educating the general public about the needs of people with brain injuries and the struggles that their families go through. This is a time when fundraisers and awareness campaigns are done to raise money for donations to this cause. Some even give out items like shirts and imprinted silicone wristbands as a means of showing support.

With over 2.5 million Americans dealing with the aftermath of traumatic brain injuries, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Below are a few ways you help in the spirit of Brain Injury Awareness Month.

Observe Head Safety Tips for Sports

Physically active people are among those that need to take the most precautions for head injuries. Sports like baseball, football, and hockey are where you would need protective helmets to prevent severe injuries. After all, the risk of colliding, tripping, and landing headfirst is always a risk during these competitive sports.

Make your Home a Head Accident-Safe Place

Your home can also pose a risk for . Bathrooms, staircases, and windows are key areas that you should focus on improving safety. If possible, install non-slip tiles or handrails in bathrooms to reduce the possibility of slipping. Meanwhile, safety gates on stairways and window guards can also help prevent small children from falling down.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Not only does it impair your coordination when taken in large amounts, it also increases your risk of sustaining a serious head injury. This is seen mostly in cases where people end up in vehicular accidents while intoxicated. Avoiding excessive drinking is a good way to avoid these mishaps from happening. Additionally, you can also make sure you wear seatbelts and perform regular checkups on your car’s equipment like airbags to stay safe on the road.

Join or Start an Awareness Campaign

Spreading the word is a vital part of showing support for those suffering from brain injuries. This is why it’s important to lend advocacy groups a hand during this month. Posting on social media, sharing relevant information, and participating in awareness campaigns are all great ways to help. You can even participate in special activities like educational talks and help sell awareness giveaways to help raise money for donating to brain injury treatment research.

While these just some of the ways you can help, any effort will add up when more people pitch in. By spreading the word as much as possible, you can convince others to donate and lend support for those who need it most.