4 Ways to Maintain Your Immune System While Moving Homes

4 Ways to Maintain Your Immune System While Moving Homes

Moving is never fun, but you can guard your energy and protect your health by using short blocks of time to sort, pack, and move your belongings.

1) Protect Your Energy By Splitting Tasks

Sorting is a very different process from packing, especially if you’re planning to downsize as you move. Use your most energetic part of the day for sorting your possessions.

To sort out your clothes closets, tackle them with

  • a box for items you’re taking with you
  • a white bag for things you will donate
  • a black bag for trash

Handle each garment once and consider when you last wore it. If you can’t remember the last time you washed it, chances are good you aren’t going to wear it in the future. Donate or trash it and pick up the next garment.

This process can be mentally exhausting. Once you grow tired or cranky, stop sorting. Get yourself a bottle of water or make a run to the local thrift shop before you continue. Breaks are critical to keep your brain fresh. If you have a store that offers a pickup service, set your items out at the curb and call for a pickup to lower the risk of illness by contact.

2) Pack in Short Bursts

Once the sorting process is done, you can start packing. Packing is actually not mentally challenging, but it can be hard to focus on, especially if you’re tired after sorting your belongings.

Put on your favorite music and promise yourself you’ll pack through the next 2 songs. Tape up and label the full boxes at the end of that time. Make a few trips out to your portable storage unit and stack full boxes along the wall. If you can stack boxes by room, you will save yourself some headaches when it’s time to empty the unit.

3) Make Time for Healthy Meals

It can be so tempting to live on donuts and coffee or burgers and soda while you pack. However, these dietary choices will ultimately leave you feeling run down and tired.

It can also be extremely difficult to come up with healthy meals when you’re exhausted from packing. Splurge a bit and stock up on bagged salads, bottled water, deli meats, cheeses, and whole grain bread.

Toss a salad and add chopped turkey and cheddar for a hearty dinner break. Your body will thank you. If you need to pack up your kitchen, drag out your picnic set and eat off of that for the week before you move.

4) Take a Soothing Shower Before Bed

Before you sleep, take a warm shower. You’ll wash away the grime of the day and release a lot of tension in your neck and back. Even if you’re struggling to find time to do laundry, putting a clean, tired body into bed at the end of a long day will give your immune system a boost.

Carry a container of disinfecting wipes with you as you search for your new space. If you have a new home lined up, put hand sanitizer in your car. Be ruthless about keeping your hands clean and away from your face while you work on this labor-intensive project.