Using a Garment Steamer to Sanitize Your Home

The new normal for 2020 is all about hygiene. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face. Social distance. It’s only natural that we become more concerned about keeping a clean and sanitary home.

One way to kill germs and sanitize your home without dangerous chemicals is using a garment steamer. It is important however, to use a garment steamer that will produce a high heat and large volume of steam.

How to Choose a Garment Steamer for Home Sanitizing

As we mentioned above, choosing a quality steamer is important. You’ll want to look for a garment steamer that has at least 1200 watts of power to produce the best output of steam.

Also, choosing a steamer that can be used for both horizontal and vertical steaming is an important factor.

Sanitizing mattresses, fabric dining chairs, lounge chairs, rugs and carpets will need you to tilt the steamer over. Not all steamers can be tilted past a 45 degree angle. Many will leak water, spit and sputter if you do, and ultimately, create more mess than you started with.

A handheld steamer is the most suitable choice for cleaning and sanitizing your home. Being lightweight and portable, you can effectively clean and sanitize most surfaces in your home using the power of steam.
Here are 5 ways you can use a garment steamer to sanitize your home, as well as your wardrobe!

Kill Bed Bugs

Steam kills bed bugs, if the steam is hot enough. That is why we suggest choosing a garment steamer with at least 1200 watts of power to produce a good output of steam.

Steam is also wonderful for spot cleaning your mattress and when you have remade your bed, you can also straighten your sheets and bed covers using your garment steamer.

Sanitize Your Kitchen

Think about how often you touch your kitchen tap, open a cupboard or drawer or touch a hard surface in your kitchen. Alot! Using your handheld steamer, you can easily sanitize any hard surface in your kitchen.

Be careful however with using steam around timber, chipboard and melamine. Too much steam can cause timber to swell and cause damage. Stick to using steam for your benchtops, kitchen sink and tiled areas.

Bust Bugs from Your Bathroom

Any hard surface in your bathroom will benefit from the sanitizing power of steam. Steam works wonders for streak free bathroom mirrors, shower screens, tiles and taps and effectively kills germs without using harsh chemicals.

After steaming, use a squeegee to wipe over the hard surface for streak free, shining surfaces.

Refresh Your Curtains

Steam also effectively kills dust mites, making it a number one choice for cleaning and sanitizing your home without the use of harsh chemicals.
Run the garment steamer from top to bottom of your curtains to sanitize. For thicker drapes you may need to do the front and back.

Whilst you are there, use your steamer on the glass of your windows and follow with a squeegee to remove dust, dirt and germs.

Sanitize Soft Furnishings, Baby Toys and Other Household Items

Anything that can be washed in water can be sanitized with steam.
Kill germs on baby toys, pet toys, spot clean rugs and carpets, sanitize cushions, dining chairs and fabric lounge chairs.

Are You Ready to Use the Power of Steam to Sanitize Your Home?

It is important to make sure you choose the right garment steamer for both your clothes and other uses around your home. That’s where Lauren at Best Garment Steamers can help. Lauren recommends only the top quality garment steamers and outright tells you which ones to avoid.

Enjoy using a natural product such as steam to clean and sanitize your home, knowing that you are keeping your family safe from germs and not polluting the environment, or your home, with nasty chemicals.