5 Easy Workouts To Improve Fitness At Home

When you are stuck at home, it may seem difficult to find the motivation to workout. After all, many of us are used to strict exercise routines and equipment from our local gym. Being at home, especially when you have limited equipment, may make it seem difficult to stay active and fit. When you can’t leave your home, you may feel limited on the types of exercises you can do. 

However, staying fit and active does not have to be difficult. Many relatively simple workouts require little to no equipment – and that can be done in the comfort of your own home or backyard. And on top of that, you can easily order some equipment online and turn your home into your own personal gym. 

Keep in mind – not every exercise routine is for everyone. However, there are a variety of different types of exercise you can do to maintain your physical fitness. Hopefully, the list below is helpful and motivates you to continue working towards your fitness goals, even when you are stuck at home. 

1.Yoga Routines

Yoga is one of the easiest types of exercises you can do from the comfort of your home – and there are varying levels of yoga you can partake in, depending on your familiarity with the exercise and your flexibility. There are many different types of yoga to choose from – some are very intense, and much like a regular workout. Others, however, are relatively simple and focused more on mindfulness and meditation. If you are looking for exercise routines, however, starting with a basic introductory yoga video may be the perfect thing to follow along to. 

If you are unsure of where to start with yoga, it truly only requires a few things. Many individuals use yoga mats during their yoga practices – if you have one readily available, that’s great. If not, you can supplement it with a towel. If you’d rather, you can also practice on your bare floor, but you do run the risk of carpet burns or slipping. 

Beyond that, all you need is an instructional video or image. There are tons of apps available on the app store for both Android, Apple, and Microsoft devices that provide step by step guides for all levels of familiarity with the practice of yoga. If you don’t have a smartphone, there are also many instructional videos on Youtube that guide you through extensive yoga routines. 

2.Running for Endurance

While not everyone enjoys running, it can be a good way to help your body stay in shape and maintain a consistent activity level. Running is relatively basic, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you are new to running or haven’t been doing it in quite some time. It is important to make sure you practice running safely, to not harm yourself during the process. 

To begin with, make sure you have sturdy shoes – though you don’t have to have running shoes, it’s best to at least wear tennis shoes when you run to protect your feet. Once you have your shoes and water, you are ready to go. You can run almost anywhere – some may choose to run laps around their back yard or through their neighborhood. 

There are also plenty of apps to track your run, as well as remind you to hydrate and alternate between running and walking to have time to cool down. These apps can be especially useful, as some help by providing you with music aligned with the pacing you are looking for in your run. 

3.Core Building Routines

Online, you can find thousands of instructional videos on workout programs that help build your core. Commonly, these exercise programs include a variety of activities, such as pushups, sit-ups, planking, and wall-sits. These exercises help develop your core muscles and ensure that you are staying fit, as they assist in burning calories and toning muscles. 

You can also find plenty of core building exercise guides online – they may advise you to do a certain number of situps, pushups, squats, planks, etc. Some of these exercise routines have even been developed by professional fitness trainers, allowing you to rest easy in knowing that you are still following professional guidance. 

4.Strength Building Exercises

There are a variety of in-home exercise routines that can be done to help build strength – a simple Google search will provide you with a plethora of videos and routines specifically tailored to helping build strength at home. Common workouts suggest, if you want to attempt moderate weightlifting, for instance, you can utilize regular household items, such as a milk jug, to help build and maintain strength while at home. But if you want to do more than just maintain you strength, you could also invest in some home workout equipment.  

Many of these at-home exercise programs, however, focus instead of using physical weights, on using your body weight to help build strength. This can be great for those who are at home and do not have access to normal exercise equipment. 

5.Full Body Cardio Workouts

Many professionals have put together exercise routines, readily available online, that provide entire, full-body cardio workouts – similar to the kind of experience you may get from working out at the gym, but from the comfort of your home. These exercise routines are made specifically to get your heart pumping and utilize the entire body, not just portions of it. You will focus on arms, core, and legs throughout the workout. 

Primarily helpful for these workouts is the fact they do not require any additional equipment – many professionals advise that for your comfort you may want to put down a yoga mat or a towel, but these items are completely optional, as well. If you search online, you can find full-body cardio workout videos for any level of experience, allowing you to maintain your physical fitness while at home. 

Stay Fit, But Stay Home

Staying home, especially amid the rise in COVID-19 cases, is especially important to maintaining your physical health. However, there are thousands of different exercise routines you can perform at home – and these will be important in staying fit until the gym opens back up again. 

We know it can be rough, and it can feel hard or even be impossible to maintain your regular exercise routines. Just because you can’t access the gym doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit though – in fact, gyms and fitness companies are holding real-time, interactive exercise workshops that can be joined through zoom, keeping you connected to those in the fitness world. 

Whatever your physical activity level, staying fit and healthy now is more important than ever, and will give you a great goal to work towards until your local gym has reopened again.