5 Health Questions Mom’s Mostly Ask

imageHealth is a basic provision that every person deserves to enjoy. There are many health programs that have been formulated with the sole aim to ensure mothers have the best health before and after childbirth. Most women are worried more about the health of their families and this leads to many questions, which only a professional in medicine can answer. To shine some light the most common conditions mothers worry about, below is information that will leave you equipped well for various ailments.

1. Influenza causes and treatment
According to a recent review on flu, it was established that its activity is decreasing in many states. In some seasons, flu activity peaks and many people are unable to continue with their normal working schedules. Most affected among this lot are children and women, who have to endure the effects of the disease.

To deal with flu, you should first understand that taking yearly vaccination is necessary. Vaccination is available for everyone from six months and older. With vaccination, you are able to reduce the time you spend visiting your doctor and it helps your kids to stay in school.

2. Diarrhoea diseases and prevention
If you have at least three loose stools in a day, your condition could be classified as diarrhoea. If the condition lasts more than two days, the body will lose too much water and salt. This dehydration in severe cases leads to death. Diarrhoea is the second top killer of children below five years of age, so mums should strive to give the best care to their children.

Most mothers want to know what precautions are necessary to protect their families from diarrhoea. Unicef recommends healthy behaviours such as washing hands after using the toilet or before taking anything. Keeping a clean environment and having improved sanitation are also measures that everyone should consider to prevent the spread of diarrhoea. Mothers are encouraged to embrace early medical intervention even when slight signs show up.

3. Best birth control pills to use
It is true that not every kind of birth control method works with everyone. Some people will see resistance from their bodies, meaning they need some professional advice before using birth control pills. Mothers are advised to shun advice issued by people who are not trained in the medical field. Only seek assistance from professionals who have been certified to offer these services.

4. Preterm birth complications
WHO estimates that 1.1 million deaths were caused by preterm birth complications due to low birth weight. More than 75 percent of these deaths were recorded within the first one week of life. Some of the issues highlighted as main causes for such cases were lack of skilled medical care or poor attendance. Therefore, mothers are advised to choose the right hospitals to avoid getting exposed to poorly equipped professionals.

5. Tuberculosis prevention and cure
Tuberculosis is a condition that affects the lungs and is caused by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria. The disease is airborne and is treatable. Some strains of TB show resistance to conventional ailments, so you should immediately seek medical assistance if any symptoms are detected. Waiting for too long, especially for kids, could make it difficult to cure the disease.