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5 Most Amazing Benefits of Golfing for Women of All Ages

Millions of people take up the sport of golf. The majority of them are men, there’s no denying that. But that doesn’t mean the dynamics are not changing now, in this day and age. More and more women are embracing the game. Mainly because of the many benefits of golfing for women.

To be honest, the benefits of golf, both mental and physical, are gender-neutral. But just to encourage more women to play more rounds of golf, irrespective of how old they are, we decided to talk about the benefits in a gender-specific manner.

That said, if you’re a female golfer or want to become one, here’s just the push you need!

Golfing Benefits for Women

#1 Helps You Get Ahead Professionally

No doubt about the fact that golfers can boost their careers by playing golf, be it a man or a woman. After all, the game does indeed revolve around networking, does it not? You can create a healthy professional bond with a new client over a round of golf. Or spend some quality time with an existing one, maybe even a co-worker from upper management.

Most of the professional golfing population agrees that the sport is a very effective tool for business development. So I don’t see why women cannot use it for their benefit too!

#2 Keeps You Active and Counts As Physical Fitness

One other very common reason for golfing is to prioritize physical fitness. Golfing may be a low-risk game, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t count as exercise. You do indeed require a certain level of strength and fitness to play golf, let alone excel at it.

You have to walk 9 holes or 18 holes to complete a single round of golf, right? And that means burning calories and keeping yourself active. In the case of walking 18 holes, you end up burning at least 1,500 calories. 

#3 Reduces Stress, Promotes Sleep, and Improves Mood

Just like all types of sports and exercises, golf releases mood-enhancing natural endorphins in the brain. And these endorphins are linked to improving mood and reducing stress. At the same time, what golf does is promote an active lifestyle. And that, in turn, helps you sleep easily, and deeper and for longer.

It has been scientifically proven that regular walking prevents medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and the like. You can keep a check on your weight, mood, sleep, and stress levels.

There’s just no denying that just playing golf in an open, green space with fresh air sounds like a wonderful idea, let alone doing it.

#4 Improves Concentration and Patience

Now, this one might sound like a deciding factor for senior or older women. Many women in their post-menopausal phase complain about the lack of concentration. So, at such times, a game like golf can really boost your concentration levels.

The sport, after all, demands plenty of concentration. Even as a beginner, without focus, you simply cannot get the golf ball from one hole to the next, let alone be able to improve your golf swing, skills, and scores.

Another thing the sport does is instill more patience in you. Even a single round of golf demands you to be calm and composed. Blowing your lid doesn’t do any good, no matter how much of an expert you are. A more relaxed i.e. patient approach gets you to complete your game. And this, needless to say, can be carried forward into your off-the-course life.

#5 Boosts Metabolism

Metabolism and digestive health go hand in hand. On that note, let me tell you that sun-derived Vitamin D boosts metabolism and digestion. And what better way to expose yourself to the natural Vitamin D-giving sun rays than by playing a round of golf.

The game is played outdoors, which means you can soak in all the Vitamin D from the sun without having to swallow any artificial Vitamin D supplements.

However, just make sure your time in the sun is skin-friendly, which means applying broad-spectrum, high-SPF sunscreen. Because you don’t want the harsh UV light to damage your skin. You can also put on one of these golf hats for proper protection and coverage.

Also, did you know that Vitamin D protects your bones from problems like osteoporosis? And this is great news for the female population since women are more susceptible to such bone-related diseases.

How to Get Started Playing Golf As A Woman

Here’s all you need to know as a woman new to the game of golf…

  • It goes without saying that learning the basics is very important, be it for women or men. Get to know the basics as well as the rules of the sport. And for that, professional lessons are easily available.
  • Then you move on to buying comfortable golfing equipment. This, at first, includes ladies-specific golf clubs. These are more lightweight and built to compensate for a slower swing speed. Even women’s golf shoes matter a great deal when it comes to discovering your full potential on the golf course.
  • You can start by playing in groups with fellow women golfers. This way, you’re also encouraging more women to participate. And that means boosting their physical and mental health too.
  • And here’s the most important tip that even most golfing experts don’t give you. That is to quite comparing your skills, swing speed, scores, etc. to those of men. You should understand that the physical traits and capacities of men and women are not the same. Even any two golfers don’t have a lot in common. So don’t compare, as it makes no sense.


We need more women playing golf not because of any other reason than to make the most of the many health benefits of the game. Golf, for most adults, is a result of combining business and pleasure. So why should men have all the fun, right!

And to be honest, women have been a part of this sport just as long as men. It’s only that the percentage of male golfers has increased greater than the percentage of female golfers. And that is why there are more men on the course than women. Not because men play better than women!