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5 Reasons You Should Follow Instagram for Fitness Freaks

Before the advent of Instagram, social media used to be a wordy world. Full of wit, quips and stinging hashtags but then came Instagram and suddenly you could share your own photos and view what everyone you follow is posting. Fast forward, one major acquisition, a few years later and Instagram has become so much more than just posting photos and getting double taps. It has become part of our lives, a major source for getting news and staying with what is trendy.

To keep up with the latest fitness trends in this ever-changing world, Instagram is the best place to start. To get the most out of it, then you can use a website like Social10x to gain more footing on the platform quickly. With an ever-growing number of fitness freaks regularly posting to Instagram, it might be exhausting to consider keeping up with them. Nonetheless, here are some personal and some not so personal reasons to follow them.

Emersion into the Experience

On Instagram, you can do more than just share pictures. You also get to share videos, stories, location and in most cases, encounter multiple people at the same location or engaged in a similar activity, end up posting the same thing as you, from a variety of angles and perspective. When you view workout routines or any other fitness related activities on Instagram, not only do you get a demonstration of how to do those exercises, get to see all the latest trending gear, but you get totally immersed into the exercise by getting to see it all in a variety of angles.

You Get To Identify With Them

When you look at something regularly, the base visual elements of what you were looking at have been proven by psychologists to stay with you and to persist with subconscious to the point that you not only notice them but also embrace them as part of you. Following fitness freaks on Instagram will have the same effect at a subconscious level. Being keen on their feeds will put you on the latest trends and show you the struggles that come with keeping fit.

Some fitness models give great tips and even discounts for equipment and health products from the companies that they endorse them. There is always something to gain from engaging or also trying to engage someone’s attention.

Share What You Love

On Instagram, it is all about the love, double tap on a photo and hearts float. There are also Hashtags, which you can be as witty or zany as you would like to make them, you can also share or send posts to other users via direct messages. If fitness is a passion of yours and there are other people out there crazy about it, on Instagram you have a platform to engage with each other and share all your tears and joys.

When it comes to fitness, you should maintain the spirit of sharing your love. You should follow fitness models and other fitness freaks so you can see how they express their passion for wellness and good physic, should you find something motivating in their feeds share it with others for them to enjoy and challenge themselves.

You Get To See Their Training Results Over Time

Posts share, unless deleted, remain in order of the latest posted to the oldest. Thus, there is an evident chronology of how things change over time; the same evidence is observed in fitness routines. If a fitness freak you follow on Instagram starts a particular type of exercise, you will be able to see how their body changes in the course of this regime by merely looking at the pictures on their timeline.

The Green-Eyed Monster

Let’s face it; envy is one of the greatest motivators behind some of the world’s advancements. Sometimes knowing what you want and how to get it is not enough. Sometimes it’s about seeing what you don’t have and being egged on by the green-eyed monster to go and get it. Instagram fitness freak can serve as a motivating factor, continually having to see them being cheerful and feeling fulfilled with what they are doing can be a sure fire way of making you jealous enough to get off your trigger fingers and do some pull-ups or cardio.