5 Ways to Bring Fun and Passion Back into Your Life

Have you been feeling a bit down? Maybe you don’t even know why. But somewhere along the way you’ve lost the passion and the drive that you had in your younger years.

If the future seems like a dull prospect, and the only thing that gets you through the day is the idea of your favorite nighttime TV, don’t despair. You can have a life filled with passion once again. The kind of life where you look forward to getting up every morning and conquering all that the day holds. The kind of life where you feel like an adventurer, discovering things for the first time. The kind of life where every moment feels like a treasure. Want to learn more?

Here are 5 steps anyone can take to live a more impassioned life.

  1. Celebrate more.

Every moment that we are alive is a gift and a treasure worth celebrating. Celebrate the big moments along with the little moments. You started your first job since becoming a mom! You lost 2 pounds! Little Junior learned to tie his shoes! The first tree on your street has shown signs of fall! Celebrate! And celebration doesn’t mean have to mean cake and ice-cream, though it can mean those things too. But at its core, celebration is thankfulness and dedicated acknowledgement toward that one event in your life. You can herald it with a moment of silence, or a moment of singing and dancing. Observe that event in a way that uniquely expresses who you are. But don’t forget to celebrate.

  1. Learn more.

There’s a thrill to mastering new skills. Just look at how excited children are when they learn something new. Their eyes begin to sparkle, and they can’t wait to tell you about it. When was the last time your eyes sparkled? You can have that back. Just learn one new thing each day. The opportunities to learn are endless. Learn how to cook exotic meals from faraway countries. Learn how to code. Learn a foreign language. Learn about strange customs in South East Asia. Doing this one thing will bring back so much joy to your life.

  1. Discover more.

Go on long walks with the aim of discovery. There are always new things to discover about an area if your mind is open to seeing it. New flowers being planted in a neighbor’s garden. New puppies being born. A new restaurant opening its doors. Beyond your immediate neighborhood, advances in science make living in this time frankly marvelous. We are blessed to live right now. A person living 100 years ago would trade places with you in a heartbeat to experience the wonders of our present day. Look for the wonder in the world.

  1. Create more.

Ever been bitten by the creating bug? When it bites, your world narrows into that one item you are bringing to life. Whether it’s a meal, a new drink, an oil painting, a novel, or a blogpost. Creating things is a way of giving back to the world. And the feeling of accomplishment that comes as you create is a feeling charged with energy and passion. Because your energy and passion brought something into being.

  1. Love more.

But, you protest, I already love my family. Do they know that? How often do you hug everyone? Fight for your love story. Don’t let days slip by where you haven’t spent time with those you love. Zealously guard your time with your family. Plan them out. You wouldn’t show up to an important business meeting empty-handed, would you? Your family time is important, and you should have some options of fun things everyone will want to do together. If you and your partner are experiencing marriage problems, there is no shame in marriage counseling. The shame comes in letting a love story end before its time. Rediscover the family in your life and make them feel treasured, because they are a treasure.

These are 5 simple steps that you can take to live an impassioned life. A life where you feel like you are making each day and each moment truly count.