5 Ways to Find Local Workout Groups

Motivating yourself to work out on your own can be tough or even impossible. If you’re the type that gets your best workouts when exercising with people, forming a local workout group can be extremely beneficial.

Sure, you could take classes, but it’s usually a show-up-and-leave atmosphere. Workout groups encourage getting to know new people as well as breaking a sweat. Articles have been popping up for years that suggest how important working out in a group can be. You’re not only held accountable, but you’re inspired by other fit people around you.

It’s time for you to find your local workout group. Here are 5 ways to find local workout groups in you

Fitbit Local

Fitbit not only connects you with your heart rate, sleep patterns, and overall health, but also other people!

Fitbit Local is a wonderful way to connect with individuals and find local workout groups around your area.

There are a ton of events going on everyday including 5k scavenger hunts, basketball bootcamp, yoga, and even dance parties. Get together with likeminded people who love exercising as much as you do. Fitbit Local is in almost every major city in the U.S., so it’s surely one of the best ways to find local workout groups.

Hop on Instagram and checkout the hashtag #FitbitLocal and see what it’s all about. Additionally, you can also check out Popular Health and Fitness Hashtags.

If that’s not enough, you can also sign up for a Fitbit Premium membership, called Fitbit Coach, which acts as a sort of digital personal trainer, giving you personalized workouts straight to your phone. It’s only $39.99/year (MUCH cheaper than even one session with a real-life personal trainer), and you can even use this deal for a 7-day free trial (or search for other deals here).


Meetup is one of the most popular ways groups of people meet together for a common interest. People meet up for pottery making, book clubs, and any other hobby you could possibly think of. One of those common interests you can meet up for is exercise.

Go hiking, bike riding, or play beach volleyball with a group of people that are into the same thing. Exercising is about finding what you actually enjoy doing. Someone who hates yoga is not going to get up for a 9:00 a.m. yoga class. Be realistic with what you like to do and pinpoint a group to meet up with. Meetup is easy to use and you’ll have no problem finding your niche.

Meetup has great “outdoorsy” work out groups, which is an active way to get out of the house and meet people. The photo below is from an actual meetup group in Sydney!

Getting active outside with a group of people can boost self-confidence and promote well being. It’s just science – humans need human interaction!

Workout group intensity ranges from low key to difficult. Sign up with Meetup and connect with your new local workout friends!


Primarily used to find a match for a workout buddy, WellSquad is also a great way to connect with a local workout group through “building teams.”

This workout group app is more intensive than other workout groups, as members track team exercise progress together.

It’s pretty easy. Fill out your profile and you’ll get matched with individuals depending on what kinds of workouts you do and the typical exercise routines you wish to pursue. The squads are run by “Squad Leaders” that organize and lead the group.


If you’re into getting your exercise from competitive sport, then ZogSports might be the local workout group for you. There’s nothing like healthy competition to motivate you into reaching your health objectives. If you grew up on sports teams, the fun doesn’t have to end when you get older. Keep playing your favorite sport by signing up with ZogSports.

ZogSports lets you meet new people in your area or join a group with friends you already know. Get your workout on by joining an intramural league in the sport you enjoy. Choose from a wide variety of choices including basketball, bocce ball, hockey, soccer, ultimate frisbee and more.

Even if you don’t have an abundance of experience playing sports, you can join a beginner team that’ll show you the ropes and meet new friends while doing it. ZogSports promotes an inviting and friendly local workout group atmosphere.

One of the unique things about ZogSports is how much they donate to causes. Since 2002, they’ve donated over 3 million dollars to various charities.


Get fit – together! FitTogether is a social workout platform where you can get together with people to take classes, find groups, and exercise with trainers.

Find gyms, sports, and exercise techniques that other people love, too. Connect with others who have the same workout ambition as you, so you can work together as a team to achieve your goals.

FitTogether has a pretty competitive mentality. You’re encouraged to “challenge your friends,” which can be an effective motivator. If you’re down with healthy competition, FitTogether will drive you to reach your target through going head-to-head with a buddy.

New to your city? FitTogether will let you discover new parts of town by planning meet ups all over your area. Explore trails, scenic views, and interesting pockets you wouldn’t have otherwise visited.

Though it’s mostly group oriented, FitTogether offers a great personal responsibility aspect. Track your personal goals closely, and stay accountable when a goal is “due.” For example, the image below shows a goal of burning 2500 calories in 48 hours. There’s no loosey-goosey way of fitting in workouts when the numbers are real. Set strict and rigid goals, and FitTogether will show you exactly where you’re at.


Study after study show the benefits of working out in a group. It’s motivating, fun, and you’ll actually end up learning more about your specific exercise of choice. When you meet up with individuals with the same interests, you’ll also be meeting people who have more or different experience than you do. Talk face-to-face with people and discover new techniques and interesting perspectives.

Connect with like minded locals to reach your fitness goals, and have a blast while doing it. Join forces with other people who want to meet you for the next sweat session!