6 Ways to Grow Taller Naturally

Growing taller is mostly about genetics. However, we can always manipulate the body into growing taller. There are a few ways to grow taller naturally. Here they are:



There are various types of food that tend to boost height.

Dairy Foods and Milk – Milk is greatly rich in Vitamin A that is known to help boost the absorption of calcium in the body. It is also a great source of protein that helps in the formation of growth cells. These growth cells in turn help in the process of growing taller. Other dairy foods that are excellent in boosting height are: yoghurt, whipped cream and cheese. All this are excellent sources of calcium and vitamins B, D, A, E.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables – It is highly important that a child’s diet have vegetables and fruits. Fruits are known to be great sources of folates, potassium, vitamins and fibers. Fruits such as apricots, watermelon, mangoes and papaya are sources of vitamin A that boost development of tissues and bones. Vegetables such as spinach and carrots also boost the growth of tissue.

Soybeans – This is another class of foods that is known for promoting optimum growth of the body as a whole. Soya bean is greatly enriched with folate, protein, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Seeds and Nuts – This food group is made up of almonds, peanuts, flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds among others. It is rich in minerals, healthy fats and amino acids that aid in producing new body tissues and repairing damaged body tissues.

2. Vitamins


Vitamins are great boosters for growth as they generally promote bone and muscle formation.

Vitamin D – This is the most crucial vitamin for anyone intending to grow taller. It contributes in the formation of long and strong bones. Major sources of this vitamin are: tomatoes, sunlight, milk, cauliflower and potatoes.

Vitamin D is also known to help the body absorb calcium and phosphorous those are vital for the bone growth.

Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin is a vitamin that helps promote the growth of hair, skin and bones. Foods rich in riboflavin are: green leafy vegetables, fish, eggs and milk.

Vitamin B1 – This vitamin has an all rounded function in that it helps maintain a healthy nervous system and the heart thereby ensuring that the organs get a regular supply of blood. Organs that get the right amount of blood help the body grow taller. Sources are: soybeans, pork, peanuts and rice.

Calcium – This is another very crucial mineral required by the body for speeding up the growth of bones. Regular intakes of calcium help strengthen the bones and makes them grow longer.

Sources of calcium are: soy and dairy products, milk, spinach and collards. When combined with phosphorous, it helps in the absorption of minerals that work together to help you grow taller.

3. Stretches


Stretching helps you grow taller as it stretches the plates helping the bones fuse together especially for people between the ages of sixteen to twenty-seven. Stretches also help strengthen the back and improving the body posture.

There are two methods of stretching:

Touching the Toes – This should be done first thing in the morning. Touching toes helps loosen and warm up the bones. With your arms above the head reach straight up before touching your toes; try and keep the legs straight, but you can bend the knees a bit. Finally, bring your hands back to the top of your head and straighten the spine.

Bridges – This type of stretching is excellent for improving flexibility of the back. It also strengthens the back of the thighs and the lower back. The first step is to lie on your back. Lift the knees and let your hands grab on to the ankles; finish by lifting the torso from the hips; make sure that your back is stretched out.

4. Yoga


Yoga helps stretch and improves general body posture that in turn makes you grow naturally taller.

The Sukhasana – This is ideal for toning the lower back. Keep your spine straight; take in deep breaths. Let your bottom be pushed against the floor and push your knees as far towards the floor as is possible. Simultaneously breathe in and lift the arms above the head.

Trikonasana – Works on improving the posture and releasing tension that builds up in between the muscles. Stand with your legs parallel and far apart. Turn your left foot away to a right angle; right foot should be inwards at a 45degrees angle. Breathe in and lift your arms so that they are parallel to the floor. When breathing out, look at the line made by your feet. This yoga exercise helps elongate the cartilage and strengthen the back.

5. Exercises


Exercises open the door to healthy living and also help improve the bones and tone them.

Swimming – This is a great exercise that helps you grow taller. Swimming focuses on working out all your body parts. This cardiovascular activity helps you grow taller when done in the right way.

Hanging – Believe it or not, buying a bar from which you hang on is capable of helping you grow taller. This is because; hanging stretches your joints and spine. If you cannot access a bar, then make use of that robust tree limb that is at the back yard. Most experts recommend that you remain hanging for at least twenty to forty minutes per week.

Pilates – This is another method for people aspiring to grow taller. They include: breast stroke prep, scapular isolations and the hundreds. To undertake these exercises, it is advisable that you visit your local physical trainer.

6. Supplements


Supplements that have been voted the best are:

Growth Factor Plus – These pills are mostly for adults that want to grow taller. Helps strengthen the cartilages and joints; further strengthens the spine promoting growth.

Peak Height – This is ideal for teenagers. This supplement provides the bones with the finest combination of nutrients that is requires for maximum growth. It also improves the general joint and bone health. This supplement is also known to boost your body with energy levels that help you in exercises.

Pure Height Plus – This supplement strengthens the bones and increases the density too. These supplements simultaneously help give the bones strength, boost length and significantly lower the chance of you getting bone related diseases.

Ultra-Bone-Up – This supplement enriches the bones with calcium; it also helps build the composition of the bone template. Having a steady bone density level is crucial as it allows your bones have the ability to withstand the length increase. This supplement is also known to enhance arterial and cardiovascular health; this helps in the full growth of bones as it allows for proper blood flow.In conclusion, there are many natural ways to grow taller as discussed above. With persistence and patience, your efforts will start paying off. To learn more strategies to increase your height, check out this comprehensive guide at Height Maximizer.