3 Surprising Ways a Backpack Can Help Transform Your Workouts

One of the primary goals of any exercise routine is to improve your health so that you look and feel better. And we all know how much having the right fitness gear can make or break your workout. From having the right workout clothes to protein bars and music headphones, these things matter. But did you know you could transform your workouts with just a backpack?

Let’s break it down. There are bags you bring to the gym and then there are bags that bring the gym to where you are. Here we explore the latter. These backpacks not only help you lug your stuff around but they can also help elevate your workout routine to a whole new level.

Strength Train With Your Backpack

Did you know that you can boost your strength and agility with nothing more than a weighted backpack? It’s called rucking and it involves putting a weight in your backpack going for a hike. Easy, right? In fact, rucking is the best kept secret of tactical professionals such a soldiers and law enforcement officers who use weighted backpacks to help burn fat and build muscle.

The first thing you will need is a backpack. Go with a backpack that fits close to the body or has chest and waist straps so that the bag doesn’t move around too much when it’s loaded with weight. Once you start moving around the last thing you want is a heavy backpack to slam into your back.

Some backpack brands, like GoRuck, come with special compartments for weight plates and reinforced shoulder straps to prevent ripping. If you are on a budget you can repurpose your old backpack or go with a GoRuck alternative that has similar features. The most important part of choosing a rucking backpack is that it’s tough enough to not tear apart once you start loading it with weights.

Once you have your backpack ready to go it’s time to begin strength training. Start with simple fast-walking before you start running with your weighted backpack. You can also use your weighted backpack to do strength training exercises you would normally do with barbells such as rows and floor presses.

Use Your Backpack To Stay Hydrated

A hydration pack is a backpack that transports water and allows you to drink while moving. This works because each bag brings a reservoir of water that is connected to a drinking tube. Although hydration packs have long been a favorite amongst hikers, it’s actually the kind of accessory that can transform the workout of an everyday runner, cyclists or outdoor athlete.  

There are actually a few different types of hydration packs and each is especially made for different kinds of workouts. The most popular kind of hydration packs are those that look like regular backpacks but have a small area for a water pouch with a valve for drinking. Choose this type of hydration pack if you plan on doing a lot of hiking and camping.

Other kinds of hydration packs are more athlete oriented and are great for stand-alone workouts. These include cycling and running hydration backpacks. These types of hydration backpacks usually fit closer to the body and only have enough room to carry your drinking water and some extra gear. These are perfect for those who want a hands free workout as the backpacks can also carry small items such as cellphones, towels and snacks.

Be Prepared to Work Out Anywhere

For those of us with busy schedules having the ability to work out when and where we want is an important part of staying in shape. Fortunately, the right backpack can make sure we are ready to work out anywhere and anytime.

Backpacks with wet/dry compartments allow us to change into our gym clothes and then back into our regular clothes without worrying about mixing our work paperwork with our smelly after-workout socks. Other backpacks have special sections for shoes and towels that are in separate compartments all-together which is perfect for those who like to take quick runs on their lunch breaks.

Meal backpacks allows us to carry our meals with use in insulated compartments. Brands like Kin King, 6 Pack Bags and Provision 24 all make bags that allow for meals to be stored and transported to your work, school or gym. These backpacks are perfect for those with strict diet restrictions but go to work or school that does not have healthy meal options.