7 Things Every Guy Wants in a Relationship

These days it’s hard enough to make a relationship long-lasting. To build a healthy relationship couples should understand and respect each other’s feelings. As you know, girls are very much sensitive and soft-hearted. Likewise, guys also have feelings and expectations from their partner, but they never tell them. So, it is up to you to find out what your partner really wants. Do not despair though, because here you will get a list of things that most of the guys actually want from their girl in a relationship.

Mutual Respect Without Ego

Respect is the most important thing that every couple needs to give each other freely. Both men and women need mutual respect to survive happily in a relationship. So, it is very important to respect your man’s interests and choices, even though they may be widely different from yours.  

Praise and Approval

Men also like receiving compliments, especially from their girlfriends or wives. So, tell your man what you exactly find attractive about him. Your praises and compliments will make him feel truly loved. This will also make him stay in a healthy relationship with you for the lifetime.

Emotional Intimacy

Most men do not show their emotions all the time in front of anyone. But, they want someone in their life to whom they can open up to. In a relationship, a man wants you to be his safe space so that he can be emotionally close to you.


To be romantic is very important to make a relationship work perfectly. There are many ways to show your love for your partner. For example, you can give him lots of gifts even without reasons. Whereas, celebrating your love on special occasions such as Valentine’s day will also help you to keep your relationship working. So, give Valentine gifts to your partner and make him feel romantic too.

Physical Touch

A physical touch acts as magic on the heart of your guy. If you give him a physical touch, then it will make him feel truly loved. A physical touch also conveys a message to him that you love him truly and want to see him happy all the time. It is the best way to say your guy that you always stand by him and care for him.


Giving him sufficient space in a relationship shows how much you trust him. So, let your guy go wherever he wants to go, let him do whatever he wants to do, and so no. This will surely make your bond stronger. A man will be much happier, knowing that you trust him as well as the strength of your bond.


In a relationship, a man wants to have someone with whom he can share ups and downs of his life. They want to have a deep and meaningful conversation with their partner. So, be the women with whom your guy can share his likes, dislikes, success, failures, fears, weaknesses, and so forth.

So, do these things and build a healthy relationship with your guy.