7 Key Ways Entrepreneurs can Release Stress and Stay Healthy

Studies show that a worrying 45% of entrepreneurs in the U.S more likely to report experiencing stress each day.  

A project deadline is fast approaching, and with inadequate staff, it’s barely impossible to deliver as promised.

The chances of the company losing a promising client and the hard-earned reputation loom over the horizon.

Sound familiar? Well, as an entrepreneur, such work-related thoughts can bring about immense stress, which becomes overwhelming to handle.

In fact, most entrepreneurs get caught up in entrepreneurial endeavors that they overlook the importance of staying healthy.

Keep reading for 7 key ways entrepreneurs can release stress and stay healthy:

What is an Entrepreneur?

Before we delve into the different ways that an entrepreneur can reduce stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle, let’s first understand what is an entrepreneur:

In simple terms, an entrepreneur is someone who comes up with a business and operates it taking on all the risks in the hope of making money.

Benefits of being an Entrepreneur

Starting your own business is exciting, fulfilling and at the same time challenging.  Here are some of the benefits of being an entrepreneur:

  • You have the right to make the decisions that dictate the fate of your business.  
  • You decide who represents your brand.
  • You get to learn a lot from the experiences of running your company
  • You have the opportunity to make an impact in the world with your ideas.
  • You get to make more money as each year passes and create employment opportunities

Here are some habits and activities that entrepreneurs may adopt to minimize stress and enjoy a healthy and productive life:

1. Exercise

Exercising is one of the best ways to curb stress. After a busy day at work or early morning before you leave for work, set aside some 20 minutes for a stroll or weight-lifting.

Despite the type of work-out you choose, this helps release tension and relieve stress.

If you choose physical activities, you enjoy, however, you’ll probably stick with them, and it won’t feel like drudgery to you.

Besides the common health benefits, working out regularly helps you with anger and stress.

Whether it’s taking a long walk during lunch break or participating in a tennis match, can help you reap these benefits.

2. Delegate Tasks to Employees

Carve out some time for you to release stress by delegating tasks to able employees or virtual assistants.

To successfully operate your business, you should relinquish some control of the company.

Come up with a list of tasks that you can shift off your desk and delegate them to capable employees.

3. Spend Time with Family

Sometimes, all you need to reduce stress is some time with your family. Try cooking and eating dinner together with your family, or engaging in activities like playing board games or going for fishing as a family.

By doing this, you’ll not only help you manage stress levels but also leads to a healthy lifestyle.

Family time allows you to direct your energy and focus on something more meaningful than your business.

Some time with your loved ones gives you a reason to work and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Your family also gives you the confidence, inspiration, and support you need to successfully run your business.  

4. Unplug for stress relief

Unplugging from the hectic office work is a surefire way to quickly refocus and rejuvenate your body. This is achieved by shutting down your laptop, putting your smartphone on silent mode, and lowering the radio’s volume. This gives you a quiet moment to meditate and reflect on your goals.

Meditation not only helps to clear the mind, but has also been proven effective in stress and pain reduction.

5. Opt for a non-toxic mattress


The quality of sleep you have every night can affect your overall health and wellness.

Lack of enough sleep may impair alertness, problem-solving, and ability to concentrate.

In most cases, the main cause of lack of sleep is usually the mattress you’re sleeping on.

Get yourself an allergen-free mattress for quality night sleep and make sure you rest for at least 8 hours.

6. Take a vacation


Taking time away from the daily hustles at work for a vacation can incredibly lower stress levels.

Taking a vacation gives your body a break it needs to resume work while refreshed and better equipped to run your business stress-free.

To make your vacation stress-free, consider seeking the services of travel agents to help you with all the bookings and planning.

7. Connect with Other Entrepreneurs.

In stressful times, you may consider finding other entrepreneurs who can relate to your experiences.

Have a moment to share your challenges as they’ll understand you better and also listen to their own.

Such sessions can help you identify other tried ways to solve some of the challenges you’re facing.

It’s also a great way of discussing things you’d otherwise not shared with your employees or colleagues.  

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, learn more on how medicinal cannabis can help you combat stress.

Enjoy A Long, Healthy And Productive Career

Apart from the many advantages that come with being an entrepreneur, there’re challenges that might eventually stress you up.

For a business to become successful, however, requires taking care of your health to stay productive at work.

Everyone experience stress in their own unique way. However, just like every other person, an entrepreneur requires an outlet for stress relief.

With the above important tips in mind, you can now develop responsible habits for a healthy lifestyle and help your realize the benefits of being an entrepreneur.

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