7 Lifestyle Changes To Help Erectile Dysfunction

It’s been known for many years now that overall physical health is directly linked with sexual performance. The simple fact of the matter is that if your body is not in at least a moderately good state of health, you cannot expect it to perform any key functions appropriately. One of which being sexual performance – achieving and maintaining erections in particular.

Of course, there are various causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) and not all come down to everyday lifestyle choices. Some are purely psychological, others are the result of underlying diseases and for some there is little to no obvious explanation whatsoever. In all instances though, the fact that simple lifestyle changes have proven to be so effective means it’s always worth attempting treatment through positive change.

In more advanced cases, a doctor may recommend prescription treatments like Viagra or Cialis (so called PDE-5-Inhibitors). In others, any combination of the following lifestyle changes could help bring the problem under control, if not eliminated entirely:

Eat a balanced diet

First of all, nutrition plays perhaps the single most important role in facilitating overall health and wellbeing. If you eat the wrong foods and allow your health to deteriorate, you are significantly more likely to suffer from problems like erectile dysfunction.  Interestingly, research suggests that there are certain foods that can reduce the likelihood of erectile dysfunction, which include citrus fruits, blackberries, strawberries and watermelon in particular. In fact, watermelon has been referred to by some researchers as ‘natural Viagra’ due to its rich concentration of an amino acid called citrulline, which has a similar effect on the body as some prescription erectile dysfunction drugs.

Maintain a healthy weight

Studies have also drawn direct links between obesity and erectile dysfunction.  While it’s not to say that losing weight will necessarily cure ED, bringing body weight under control and managing it effectively can significantly reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. By contrast, becoming overweight or obese significantly increases the likelihood of ED.

Exercise more

Given that exercise plays a critically important role in building and maintaining overall physical health, it is of critical importance in both the prevention and treatment of erectile dysfunction. Along with keeping the body in the best possible condition, regular exercise is also known to actively reduce stress, improve circulation and contribute to higher energy levels.

Quit smoking

For relatively obvious reasons, smoking has also been linked with a heightened risk of ED in men of all ages. The reason being that prolonged tobacco use has exactly the opposite effect on the body to those that can help prevent or treat ED. Smoking wreaks havoc on the lungs, heart, circulatory system and overall health in general, which in turn can significantly increase the likelihood of ED.  All ED patients therefore are typically urged by their doctors to immediately and permanently quit tobacco.

Avoid recreational drugs

While evidence remains somewhat anecdotal, there’s still plenty of reason to believe that various recreational drugs can both cause and prolong erectile dysfunction. Alcohol in particular is known for causing both temporary and prolonged cases of ED, but there are also many people who report finding it difficult or impossible to achieve and maintain an erection after using drugs like cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy. Though the exact effects may differ from one person to the next, the most sensible advice is to stay away from recreational drugs altogether, if you are trying to avoid or treat erectile dysfunction.

Relax more

Given that most cases of erectile dysfunction among younger men are caused by psychological factors like stress and anxiety, simply avoiding stress and anxiety to the most possible extent can prove effective. Those who spend the vast majority of their waking lives highly-charged and stressed out are exponentially more likely to suffer problems like ED than those who know how to relax. So while it may come across as something of an alien concept at first, it can nonetheless be hugely helpful to get into the habit of making yourself relax more.

Seek professional advice

Last but not least, while it may come across as something of an extreme option on the surface, professional advice does not have to constitute a full course of intense therapy. Instead, it could simply mean speaking to a doctor or qualified professional of any kind, simply to find out which methods of treatments are available. In fact, it can often be so reassuring to speak with the professionals that doing so represents an effective method of treatment in its own right.

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