7 Things In Your Home That Could Be Making You Sick

The reason you and your family members are regularly sick could have nothing to do with poor immunity or unhealthy interactions with the outside world. There are several things around your home that might be causing you to get sick every once in a while. 

So, if you or other people in your house regularly suffer from throat irritations, runny noses, skin rashes, headaches, and allergy-like problems, it might be time to look within and see what things might be bringing about these issues within your home. 

1. Heating/Cooling System Vents

At times, mold can build up in cooling and heating systems. These contaminants and other harmful substances can cause your health to deteriorate. Therefore, you should check these systems on a regular basis to get rid of the debris causing the health problems. Heating systems can also dry out the oil glands in your eyes, and this can result in eye infections or even coughing. 

2. Your Pillow

Most people feel their ultimate level of comfort while holding tight to their pillows. But what they might actually be doing is giving themselves a chance to suffer the infectious assault of the over 12 units of bacteria that live on a typical pillowcase. 

Many of these bacteria can result in antibiotic resistance. And it is not just the pillows you should be worried about, but other beddings as well. Therefore, you should be careful to wash your beddings regularly, and with proper cleaning supplies to ensure that any bacteria living there is completely eliminated. 

3. Kitchen Sink

A lot of people wash their vegetables, fruits and other foods in the kitchen sink – there is nothing strange about it. But at what cost? A kitchen sink can have a lot of dirt and contaminants that could get to your food and end up in your body and make you sick. 

This is mostly so for foods that are simply washed and consumed without being cooked, such as fruits. For this reason, you should wash your sink properly, dislodging any rotting particles stuck between in various spaces. The best kitchen sinks can also help you out in this regard as they are generally easier to clean and less likely to attract germs. 

4. Leaking Pipes

A leaking pipe is more than an inconvenience that stains your house with water. Over time, this water invites mold into your home. This mold can result in asthma and other health problems. Therefore, do not let leaking pipes go unattended, that might be a healthy crisis in waiting. 

5. Kitchen Sponges

You might think that your kitchen sponge is what makes your dishes and utensils clean and germ-free, but that is not always the case. A study found out that a kitchen sponge can have 45 million bacteria per square centimeter. With some of these bacteria, you can even end up with food poisoning among other illnesses. 

Most people do not take time to properly clean their kitchen sponges once they are done cleaning up their utensils. So, whenever you are done cleaning your utensils, you should take time to clean up your cleaning supplies, and that includes the place where you place the sponge and the soap. 

6. Vacuum Cleaner

It’s quite ironic that an appliance designed to make your home cleaner, and therefore healthier, could be a threat to your health. The vacuum cleaner bag can have lots of bacteria, and they can live there for months, spreading around the home and causing illnesses to its occupants. This is especially pronounced when the vacuum cleaner does not have a HEPA filter. 

7. Can Opener

How many times do you wash your can opener? Most people completely forget about this simple gadget when washing other dishes and utensils. Unfortunately, can openers regularly come into contact with food, and that makes them dangerous because neglect makes bacteria and other kinds of things to live on them. 


There are a lot of illness-causing substances in your home. So, it is truly a wonder that many people don’t spend their time in and out of hospitals. But there are those who seem to lead this sort of life, and the problem is entirely due to the state of their homes. 

Fortunately, there are a few things around your home that might be causing these problems, and above are the highlights. By making sure that your sink, beddings, vacuum cleaner, and other things around your home are free from bacteria and other germs, you can avoid getting sick on a constant basis.