8 Of The Best Active Date Ideas


Statistics say that you have just a 1 in 3 million chance of meeting your true love on a night out in London, the city with the highest population in the UK. If your chances are that low of finding ‘the one’ even in the English capital, there’s no wonder many of us have turned to casual dating, without any pressure of anything ending in commitment. 

Casual dating is a lot easier when it comes to date ideas. With no pressure of cultivating the perfect environment for romance, you can simply focus on having fun. If you’re planning on going on a casual date or two soon, we’ve got eight really exciting activity date ideas for you to consider:

1. Take A Wild Ride Inside A New World In Virtual Reality Arcades

There are some incredible virtual reality arcades in the UK now, where you can both enjoy some escapism and have plenty to talk about after your experience too. If you’re both totally new to VR, this experience will be even better for a date because you’ll share this ‘first time’ and the excitement of the anticipation. 

2. Focus On Performers At A Gig

Whether it is a music gig or a comedy gig, the focus won’t be on your connection but rather it will be on the music or on the comedian. Ideally, the gig will be outdoors or part of a festival with some foodie treats available too. In this kind of immersive situation, you can both enjoy yourselves in a completely relaxed atmosphere with tons of fun to be had. 

3. How About A Challenging Treetop Assault Course

Treetop assault courses are challenging, fun, exciting and after completing one you gain a sense of achievement as an individual. So even if your date isn’t going so well, you’ll definitely still get something out of it. If you do like your date, there’s plenty of room for laughs during this kind of experience, so you should both come away happy about what you’ve completed together. 

4. Stimulate Those Endorphins With An Exercise Session

If you’re both gym bunnies, or running fans, why not enjoy a session together? Exercise is known to make us feel good so you’ll both be in the best mood for a fun date. Follow it with a smoothie or a coffee and a chat for the ultimate relaxed daytime date vibes.  

5. Slip And Slide Together And Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is the kind of date where the entire focus is on the activity itself, and on not falling flat on your face! No pressure on deep conversations or anything serious, because you can’t be serious when you’re holding onto the side of the rink for dear life. Round it off perfectly with a cosy hot chocolate afterwards. 

6. Strap On That Helmet And Go For A Cycle

Cycling is a great way to explore the local area, tailor your date to your needs and get those endorphins going for the happiest feelings. You could cycle and go for a picnic, commit to endurance cycling, or even rent a tandem bike for plenty of laughs and giggles. Check out Cycling UK for tips on the best cycling routes in the UK. 

7. Explore Culinary Sensations With Tasting Experiences

Tasting experiences can be caffeinated where you try all kinds of coffee from across the world, or they could even be a bit boozy if you want to try wine or beer tasting. There are also foodie tasting experiences if you’re both into the latest the culinary world has to share. The point is the experience, even if you don’t particularly like what you try. You’ve a constant stream of talking points which is perfect for a casual date where you’re not trying to get too deep on your conversations. 

8. Make Shapes With Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is a really fun date activity, especially if you can enjoy a private lesson for two. You will both be far too focused on not falling on the floor to think too deeply about anything, and there will certainly be lots of laughs. If you are particularly physically fit, this is a great way to show off a bit in a low key environment. 

If you can’t get into aerial yoga classes near you, hot yoga is another fun choice, or even just a standard yoga class. Yoga was Google’s most searched for word in 2016 and its popularity is not waning. It is good for your mind and your body, so even if the date is rubbish, maybe it will spark a new healthy hobby for you to continue practising. 

Nothing else matters except that I have fun, and I’m still having fun. – Quvenzhane Wallis

If you are one of the 1 in 5 people who are trying online dating, using trusted sites like https://www.nsadatingsite.co.uk, the key is to have fun on your dates. There’s no pressure to make a connection, or to even get to know anybody all that much if you don’t want to. So, enjoy dates you would enjoy with a friend or, even on your own. At the most you’ll have a great time with your date, and at least you’ll have a great story to tell about the activity you tried.