9 Tips for Finding the Right Dentist

Your teeth are integral to your health and wellness. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a good rapport with your dentist, you may not go as often as you should. The following are important considerations that can help you find the perfect fit for you and your family.

Ask Around

Going to the dentist can be difficult for young and adult patients. Some may even be fearful of simple tasks such as checkups and cleanings.  Whether you’ve moved or you’re unhappy with your current choice, asking around can help you find the right dentist for your needs. You can start by asking your neighbors for a good recommendation. You should also ask how long they’ve been going to them. Your family members, co-workers and friends may also have some suggestions.

Onsite Visit

Once you’ve whittled down your search, it’s time to make an onsite visit. Your initial appointment should include meeting the dental staff and taking a look around. Is the office neat and orderly? Do you get a welcoming and friendly vibe? Whether you’re in for a dental cleaning, tooth filling, crown or dental implant? Do they offer additional screenings you might not know about ?

Prognosis and Not a Sales Pitch

Quality dentists are also focused on providing the patient with the best treatment options for their prognosis. This is important as a patient shouldn’t have to worry about a facility pressuring them for treatments that are unnecessary.

Submit Insurance Claims

If you find a dentist who has been highly recommended by a family member or friend, you need to find out if they are in your network. If they are not, you can call the facility to see if they submit claims to every insurance provider. Before you eliminate them from your search, it’s worth it to ask.

Payment Options

Cleanings and fillings can be costly. Unfortunately, not everyone has dental insurance. Another major consideration in finding a dentist is to see if they offer payment options. You also want to ask if there are financial fees attached to the payment plan.

Member of the American Dental Association

Dentists have to follow certain regulations and guidelines. During your initial search for a good dentist, you want to find out if they are a member of the American Dental Association. They should also take continuing education courses. This allows your dental facility to stay current with the latest dental advances and dentist tools. You can also check to ensure their licenses are current.

Location of the Office and Hours

You never know when a dental emergency is going to strike. When you’re interviewing dentists, it’s important to find out their hours of operation. You also want to determine if they have an emergency plan in place for situations that may occur after normal business hours. The facility should also be close to your home or work. This makes it easy to fit in an appointment early in the day or during lunch time at work.

Reward Programs or Specials

Some practices may offer discounts for new patients for exams and cleanings. They may also offer reward programs for referrals or patients who have been loyal through the years. You can also ask about special promotions for services such as teeth whitening, dental implants and crowns.

Anesthesia and Pain Management

One of the primary reasons people fear the dentist is because of the pain. Although your fears are natural, dentists have plans in place to alleviate any discomfort. To help ease your fears, you want to ask the dentist what type of anesthesia they are certified to use. You should also ask the various types used for the services provided such as tooth extractions, fillings, implants and etc.