Close up picture of garden water fountain

A Guide to Water Fountains For Improved Health

Some individuals play pre-recorded white noise in order to help block unwanted sounds out. Other people rely on earplugs or headphones that are designed to help dampen unpleasant sounds from the surrounding world.  Unfortunately, those devices can potentially make it hard for you to hear things that are important like a ringing phone or crying baby.


Whenever unwanted sound starts disrupting an individual’s sleep, the person might try taking prescription medications.  These drugs, unfortunately, are frequently habit-forming and are associated with numerous side effects. It can help to listen to music for a while.  Unfortunately, eventually the sound will stop, and you will be left listing to unwanted noise once again.


The sounds of running water provided from these items from Luxe Water Walls definitely can help.  It is a very calming sound.  To understand how effective this can be, think about being by a waterfall or fast-moving stream and how that sounded.  There is a good chance you weren’t really able to hear any distracting noises surrounding you due to the running water sound.   


What is even more interesting it that sound doesn’t need to be that loud in order for therapeutic benefits to be provided.  Scientists believe this relaxing effective is more due to the sound’s rhythm than its volume. The sound will go on forever, as an added bonus, which means you won’t need to worry about a recording coming to an end.        


Healthier Air


Experts report that indoor air pollutants can be a serious problem in a majority of houses.  Indoor air quality may be affected by various contaminants that range from chemicals to pet dander to dust.  One way of dealing with the problem is through using air purifiers. Negative ions are generated by specialized machines to attract and then remove contaminants that are in the air.    


What is interesting is that running water also produces negative ion means.  This means you can achieve the same effect that you would get with an air purifier by having a fountain installed in your house.  So rather than having to listen to an air purifier’s noisy drone, you can instead relax to gently tricking of water going through a fountain.


While the water is working to purify the air inside your house, it is creating improved indoor air quality at the same time.  That can positively impact your well-being and health.


Increased Control Over Levels Of Humidity


Once winter arrives, the air can turn very dry.  Forced Air furnaces along with other kinds of heating systems can make your problem even worse, and dry the air out even more. When it’s cold outdoors, your only option is to turn your furnace on.  However, that doesn’t mean you should have side effects associated with dry air to deal with like a sore throat, tender sinuses, and flaky skin.


Instead, moisture can be added back to the air.  The best method for doing this in the best was to use a humidifier.  The sole purpose of these devices is to increase the air’s humidity levels.  Unfortunately, there is one major drawback that they have. The water sitting inside of the humidifier might develop bacteria.  The bacteria will then be sent into the air once you turn on your humidifier.


Although this problem can potentially be controlled by cleaning your humidifier on a regular basis, it still can take lots of work in order to keep your device maintained properly. Having an indoor fountain humidify the air is a much better option.


The fountain’s water adds humidity to the air naturally, which creates an ideal living environment for plants, pets, people. Best of all, the water’s movement makes it unlikely for bacteria to grow which helps to ensure you don’t contaminate the air inadvertently.   


A Natural Way Of Relieving Stress


There are various theories floating around about why listening to water is so very soothing.  There are some individuals that think it is due to humans having a built-instinct that we have carried over from ancient times.  


Water is absolutely essential for our survival.  Therefore, it does make sense that humans naturally would find water sounds comforting and soothing.  Another theory out there is that water’s soothing effects are associated with the fact that humans start out living inside of a womb that is full of fluid.  


Whatever the specific reason is, it has been shown by scientific studies that the serotonin levels inside your brain can be increased by listening to water.  Therefore, listening to water moving can help you relax and feel happier, which will relieve whatever tension you might have been carrying inside of you.