A Not-So-Twisted Tale of Inspiration and Safety: The Rise of Twisted Wares

Inspiration sometimes happens during moments of desperation, when, in the midst of personal and professional upheaval, you leave everything behind – you move from the familiar enclaves of Seattle to the very foreign territory of Texas – and begin anew.

Such is the story of Melissa Livingston, the founder of Twisted Wares, makers of The Hang Tight Towel®: A patent pending loop design, which allows you to use this towel like any other towel –– and have it stay in place without buttons, Velcro, or snaps.

The convenience factor aside, this product brings safety to the kitchen.

It eliminates the risk that a wet towel may fall to the floor, causing someone to slip and hurt himself. It streamlines how you work in a kitchen, thanks to this added sense of permanence – of not having to bend, bow or lower your head – in an attempt to retrieve something so essential.

In terms of design, The Hang Tight Towel® combines form and function, which
is to say, it is practical (and durable) with an iconic look.

The lesson to aspiring entrepreneurs, parents, cooks and kings (and queens) of their respective kingdoms is this: Circumstances change in ways we often do not expect or even imagine. But change need not be a bad thing, provided you have a proactive approach to matters that may appear beyond your control.

Put another way, when a kitchen becomes a laboratory for research and development, when it acts as place to create what you want and need, when all of these things unfold, the best is yet to come.

That is a story of leadership, innovation, dedication and safety.