A Parent’s Guide for Battling Their Kid’s Addiction

For parents, witnessing their children struggle with drug addiction can one be a truly disturbing experiences. A young person who was once full of life, productive, promising and happy has suddenly become disrespectful, defiant and lost the world.

Sometimes, due to their involvement in alcohol and drugs, they have lost focus in school and lose interest in hobbies and interests they once enjoyed. To deal with this problem, you first need to identify its roots.

Why Kids Use Drugs

When it comes to kids and drugs, most parents try to deal with the symptoms only, instead of trying to find the reason behind the behavior. Before you can deal with your kid’s addiction problems, you first need to understand why children get involved with alcohol or drugs.

Once you understand those basics, you can then come up with effective measures of dealing with the problem. Once you analyze the deep-lying cause of the problem, you will be able to see beyond the symptoms. You will be able to find means of dealing with the underlying issues.

It is important to understand the addiction problem, from the child’s point of view. Some kids get into drugs fit in society, peer-pressure, or as a means of dealing with loneliness. Other children also get into drugs to fit into a school group or clique.

Your kids may also get into drugs as means of getting attention from you, since they may feel neglected. Some kids do this as means of fighting frustration as a result of failing to excel in education or sports. Other reasons why a child might get into drug addiction include self-medicating purposes and stress.

Helping With Addiction Problems 

Once you identify the underlying causes of your child’s addiction problems, then you will be able to find healthy and proactive ways to deal with the problem. You need to look at the available options, in order to come up with the right measures.

There are many options and channels that you can pursue, to deal with the problem in the most effective way. If you realize your child is using drugs, it is important to subject them to a medical analysis, in order to determine the drug or substance which they are addicted to.

Most parents make the mistake of treating marijuana addiction, the same way they treat heroin addiction. Most people will argue that a drug is a drug, but the levels of addiction and associated psychological problems are different.

After that, you should place them under a drug treatment center as the first measure of countering the problem. Most kids will not embrace this, since they would feel that their freedom is being curtailed. However, your kid needs to work with a professional rehabilitation program, tailored towards their unique addiction challenges. These places also help with the process of intervention; such as intervention advice, handling intervention as a group, etc.

The chosen drug treatment center should also provide after care as well as therapy options and life skills. These will enable the child to learn some life skills, which they can use once they have successfully completed the rehabilitation program.

Dealing with your kid’s addiction problem should not be your responsibility alone. It is advisable to work with their teachers in schools, family members or even their sports coaches. You can also find an individual who relates with your child most, like an aunt or an uncle and deal with the problem as a unit.

Additional Tips 

– Continue to care and love. It is important to put aside your fear or anger. Your child still needs to feel loved and cared for. Pushing him away and detaching him from the rest of the family unit will only worsen the situation.

– Set limits. As much as you will be showing compassion and love to your addicted child, limits have to be set and religiously followed. Whether it is house rules, legal consequences, consistent boundaries are important to provide a healthy assistance to deal with your kid’s addiction problems.


Parents can often feel weighed down by the burden of dealing with an addicted child. This is because traditional methods such as taking away their privileges or talking to them, are not working, and the problem only seems to get worse. However, if you use the tips provided above, you will be able to deal with your kid’s addiction problems, in a more effective way.