Acne is the Acme of Skin Frustration!

Our skin is perhaps the most frustrating part of our body to maintain and keep clean and smooth.

Some women may argue their hair, but we can generally agree more consistently that it’s the skin. It is exposed to so many environmental issues such as dust, dirt, heat and pollution, that often we have to use multiple lotions, cleansers and moisturizers in order to keep it looking healthy. Unfortunately, sometimes it does not matter how hard you try to keep your skin clean and healthy. When despite your best efforts, one day you notice first signs of acne, that’s when it’s best to visit You will find all the answers there to your sudden questions and variety of solutions to your acne problems.

Healthy skin contributes to our youth, our energy and our overall well-being. We all wish we could have skipped puberty, remember? Our skin problems really started there, with all the breakouts and the acne and the pimples and …

Yeah, we’ll dispose of those memories.

The point is, we have fought most of our adolescent and adult lives to maintain the soft skin that we had when we were younger – young enough to not care nor pay attention to our skin. Sadly though, once a certain enemy has bene introduced to us, it becomes our Kryptonite for the rest of our lives.

We’re talking about, of course, acne. That which first appeared on our skins at 12 or 13 years old, still hangs around for most of our adult lives and shows up in different forms at various times – especially when we are anxious or stressed.

Most medicinal skin topicals deal with acne, as millions of people suffer from the skin condition all the time. But sometimes the particular cases of acne can be too aggravated for those topical lotions and creams and more extreme or aggressive treatment methods are needed.

Those particular touch cases graduates from just lotions or crams to acne treatments, which can vary but generally, are not involving creams or lotions. One of the more  popular acne treatment options these days are these nose strips, which look a lot like the breathing strips that help people with snoring or sleep apnea issues.

These nose strips fit across the bridge of the nose, and they get pulled off like a bandage and they are supposed to take much of the dirt and skin oil with it. Similar treatments can be used on other parts of the face to skin and dry out the skin to mitigate the onset of acne.

Acne is a constant topic of attention for top dermatologists, and those who have acne will likely never truly be cured of it – it can only be managed and treated. If you are finding yourself going through bottle after bottle of lotion or cream to address your acne, you might want to consider meeting with a dermatologist to discuss the severity of your case and investigate acne treatment options that may be right for your skin type and your lifestyle.


No one deserves to let acne run their life. Get control and have the skin you’re supposed to have. A dermatologist can help make this happen, but it won’t come to you.