Uncovering the Potency of Benefits in Natural Hemp Oil

What if there was a way to alleviate chronic pain, reduce epileptic seizures, depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress? What if there was a solution for cancer patients, experiencing the side effects of treatment, and living with the persistent discomfort of nausea every day? What if there was a plant that could deliver all of these gifts and provide a better quality of life for many different people, living with many different conditions? What if there was a natural solution to replace opioids used for pain relief?

This may all sound like a fantasy, but this is only because its true benefits have been hidden from us. Maligned and shunned from society, the hemp plant has been buried deep underground in the medical community. For decades, corporate and political agendas, as well as society as a whole, have pushed the same narrative. Hemp is criminal. Hemp is forbidden. But, luckily, we are beginning to see a revival of knowledge, and lifting the stigma on this incredible herb.

As a wealthy nation, the amount paid in healthcare in the US is enormous. While we are investing in our health, the truth is we are lacking richness in the types of care we provide. Despite the copious amounts of money poured into pharmaceutical solutions, more and more Americans are facing chronic illnesses each day.

According to Hemp Health Revolution, written by, Dr. Sherrill Sellman, forty five percent of the U.S population has at least one chronic disease.  Chronic diseases can span from arthritis, to depression, diabetes, cancer, dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease and many more conditions. What’s more? Seven out of every ten deaths are caused by chronic illnesses. It is evident that our traditional means of healthcare are not serving everyone. It’s time to look beyond, and reconnect to the healing powers that the earth has provided us.

In Dr. Sellman’s revolutionary novel, she gets to the root of the matter, to understand Hemp Extract and its plethora of benefits from the latest in scientific research. Dr. Sellman provides an A-Z guidebook to bring greater understanding to the hemp plant and to empower individuals to take charge of their health in the most natural way possible.

The hemp plant contains powerful non- psychoactive components, known as cannabinoids, found in hemp extract and other oils. Hemp extract is legal and safe for children and adults alike. The oil presents no known side effects and is recognized as an effective naturopathic way to restore inner balance to the body. “Hemp Extract assists with maintaining homeostasis within the body. Homeostasis is so important that most chronic diseases are regarded as a result of its disturbance. As we get older, the body’s internal environment becomes progressively less stable. As a result, we are more vulnerable to illness,” says Dr. Sellman.

This informative guide has compelled many newcomers to the Hemp scene, including Don Thomason, currently leading sales and services for Optivida Health. After reading Hemp Health Revolution, Thomason was compelled by the promise of this safe and beneficial source. He began taking hemp oil as a sleep aid and found that he was finally able to get a good night’s sleep. He immediately had to tell his friends all about it, and after trying it out; they were all amazed with its effectiveness. Now, Thomason promotes the solution to a wide network of people living with chronic illnesses, chronic stress, mood swings, migraines and fatigue, as well as muscle and joint pain.

“Severe back pain resolved”

“Eliminating the need for opioids”

“Renewed enjoyment for life”

“Improving depression, ADD, and memory”

These are just a handful of testimonials for Optivida’s effective product, OptiHemp. OptiHemp is the gold standard for all hemp oil products out there. Not many companies can say that their products come from locally sourced, non-GMO, high quality strains of seeds. The product is free of artificial ingredients and extracted naturally, staying far away from harsh chemicals and processes that would harm its highest potential for effectiveness. OptiHemp also boasts the highest bioavailability on the market. Most hemp oils available offer a CBD bioavailability of close to three percent. This means that for each milligram of CBD, your body may only absorb and make use of up to .03 mg or 3%. According to Thomason, OptiHemp beats the competition, delivering a remarkable 80-85% absorption and benefit of the hemp oil. He goes on to illustrate that consumers would have to purchase 20 bottles of alternative hemp oil brands to get the same treatment as is contained in one bottle of OptiHemp. Talk about getting your money’s worth!

OptiHemp provides up to 10 times the potency and the secret is in its patented Optisorb® technology. In this unique process, OptiHemp wraps hemp nutrients with organic sunflower oil through a specialized natural process. This helps to protect the nutrient against the ravishing effects that the stomach can normally have on supplements. OptiHemp provides relief that you can feel and there’s a long list of healing benefits to the body.