Activities To Help You And Your Child Get Fit

Busy moms don’t always have time to schedule a workout and losing weight seems too hard of a goal when you are taking care of your kids.   If you think about exercising differently and make it an activity that you and your children can do together then you can lose a few pounds and get your kids outside playing at the same time.

Now more than ever, kids are spending too much time sitting in front the computer, the TV and playing video games and are not getting the amount of exercise they need to be healthy. Why not make it a goal to improve the health of your entire family and spend a little time together while doing it?

Try Active Sports like Tennis and Basketball

Instead of sitting on the sidelines watching your kid’s game, you can get involved yourself and plan a family sports game. Basketball is a great sport for parents and kids to play together for a little bit of fun competition and with a hoop set up in your driveway you can pretty much play anytime.

Any sport that involves running is a great cardio workout for both you and your kids and it never feels like exercising when you are involved in an exciting game. You can try different sports to keep it interesting like tennis, baseball or soccer which can all keep your heart rate up and burn calories.

Skating, Biking and Scooters

Kids love riding anything with wheels but you might not realize that activities like skating and biking are actually a great workout. Take a night out and go to the roller skating or ice skating rink.  You can get out of the house and do something new that is still really active and good for your health. Freestyle scooters are a new toy that adults are beginning to take up as well.

Riding a scooter around the block or taking them out to a skate park to learn tricks is something they will enjoy and you can even learn new skills yourself.  And then there is always the traditional bike ride which is a free family activity that keeps everyone in shape.  You can plan a bike ride to the beach or to the park so there is a destination in the end that will be worth the hard work.

Hiking Trips for the Family

If you take the time to find hiking trails near your neighborhood you can discover a beautiful, scenic experience that is great for your health. Take the whole family on a hiking trip and they won’t even realize they are exercising when they see the views and just spend time enjoying nature. You can pack food and water to spend the day out on the trail for one of the best forms of exercise.

Hiking can be a good bonding experience for families and a chance for everyone to unplug from all their electronic gadgets just to be outside for a while. There are tons of other ways to stay fit but these are just a few that will get you started and get your family active again.

Kellie Swaim is an exercise guru from working with Bravo Sports makers of Pulse Performance scooters