Are Hemp Seeds Worthy Of Their Superfood Reputation?

While for some the idea of eating seeds can often seem quite repulsive, they are one of the finest sources of nutrition all around. And if we look at the seed family specifically, hemp seeds truly stand out: They are among the most powerful and restorative seeds that one can enjoy eating. Hemp seeds are very impressive and robust, and are known to help provide a wide array of health benefits.

From weight management to increasing your stamina and giving you greater energy levels, hemp seeds are among the most impressive of their kind. What, though, are some of the major benefits of taking hemp seeds?

  1.     Essential Fatty Acids

For one, these seeds are among the finest sources of essential fatty acids. Many of us lack key acids like Omega 3 and 6 as well as GLA in our diets normally. Hemp seeds, though unconventional, help to add these powerful and very useful products to our diets and make it much easier for us to live happier, healthier lives.

  1.     Protein

They also provide a wonderful source of protein. Since many people either choose not to or cannot eat meat, eggs and dairy products, eating hemp seeds can give you a fine source of protein. This helps you to stay healthy without having to eat any foods that you would rather have avoided normally!

  1.     Nutrients & Vitamins

Hemp seeds are loaded with nutrients and vitamins; among them powerful Gamma Linoleic Acids – a very powerful amino acid – and also Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a hard source to find in many standard foods, so this helps to add a touch of extra stamina boosting and energy improving effects without being too hard to digest.

  1.     Alternative for nuts

These seeds make a fine source of nutritional improvement for anyone who cannot eat nuts, for example. If you are allergic to nuts, or you are gluten, lactose or sugar sensitive then you can take hemp seeds. They are very diverse in terms of what they contain, so you can generally find that the seeds hold a lot of the ingredients that our bodies want and need without having anything like the same risk of allergic reactions.

  1.     Other good stuff!

Some of the most important ingredients for a fully functioning body include potassium, phosphorus, carotene, fiber, zinc and magnesium. Alongside calcium and vitamins B1, B2 and B6 (as well as D), this powerful set of seeds can help to deliver many of the ingredients we need to feel fantastic and to function through a general day without too much issue.

As you can see, then, hemp seeds are more than just a novelty. They provide a very dense and diverse range of nutritional strengthening, as well as a very easy food to eat. The taste is rather simple and it can easily be blended into oats like porridge, or even just into a yogurt and consumed that way.

Make no mistake, though; the idea that hemp seeds are just for certain types is a fallacy. If you are looking to get into physical shape, then hemp seeds work as a fine snack that is nutritionally dense and very easy to enjoy.