Hemp Oil and its benefits

Hemp is considered to be good because hemp seeds are rich in protein, omega 6, omega 3, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and insoluble fiber. Also, you’ll find minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, and calcium. Hemp is considered to be a great ingredient for body care products because it has a high content of linoleic and linolenic acid. These acids provide anti-inflammatory properties for skin care, which might result in positively improving skin lesions, fight skin irritations and balance dry skin.

Apart from this, there are a number of other benefits of hemp oil. We have listed them below.

1. Natural, safe and effective:

To start with, hemp doesn’t require chemical fertilizers or harsh pesticides to produce tons of edible hemp seed. With this, you can be sure that hemp is ideal for not only body care products but also edible beauty products. So, whatever may be your current requirement, you can always rely on using hemp-based products and be sure that there will be no side effects of the same.

Spas in Longmont Co are already using it, and many people consider using hemp-based products, even when opting for a massage session at home. This is a positive move towards a safe and happy life and embracing it is a good idea.

2. Recyclable and biodegradable:

While enjoying the benefits of beauty and body care products, if you can do something good for the environment, it can be bliss. Every product made out of the hemp plant is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It is one advantage that’ll not be found in many other natural products too, let alone comparing it to the chemically produced alternatives. So, preference should be given to hemp.

3. Hemp oil helps in maintaining a hormonal balance:

Hemp contains gamma-linolenic acid that is rarely found in edible seeds. The importance of gamma-linolenic acid is that it eventually gets converted to the protective hormone prostaglandin PGE1. This helps in regulation of the hormonal balance and also supports menopausal health.

4. It helps in regenerating and energizing the skin’s protective layer:

It is noticed that hemp oil has a composition which is similar to skin lipids that make an excellent natural moisturizer. This similarity is seen because of the high content of omega 3 as well as Omega 6 fatty acids. People with dry, tired or dehydrated skin and nails should opt for it. It also helps in increasing the skin elasticity as well as water retention capacity in tissues.

Bonus: While using products made from hemp oil, you’ll be in a position to treat dry hair too! So, if that is the issue faced by you, look for products made out of hemp oil.

5. Great option for vegetarians:

Vegetarians and vegans usually find it difficult to get the right balance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Hemp oil has an optimal ratio of these two acids, and that could mean it is a perfect choice for vegetarians and vegans.

6. It helps in lowering Cholesterol:

We have noted above that hemp oil has the right proportion of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. This is also good for people who are faced with the issue of constantly rising cholesterol levels. Hemp oil lowers cholesterol levels by accelerating metabolic processes. So, a faster metabolism helps in burning fat at a quicker rate and takes you closer to you dream goal.

7. Good for people with diabetes:

If you’re a diabetic, you know it isn’t easy to keep your sugar levels in control. With hemp oil, you can even find some help to moderate blood sugar levels. However, one should consider it to be an additional benefit, and there shouldn’t be a dependency on the same. You’ll have to continue with other solutions for diabetes to maintain your blood sugar levels.

8. It can help in preventing Psoriasis:

Yet again an issue that is faced by people who have a deficiency of omega-6 fatty acids can find a solution in the form of hemp oil. Omega-6 fatty acids help in improving skin oxygenation and hydration.

9.  It boosts your immunity:

Immunity is a cause of concern for people across the world, and we know that we opt for a number of ways in which we can improve immunity. One of the many solutions, in this case, is hemp oil. Hemp oil boosts your immunity, and it can help in increasing the resilience of our bodies to make us feel healthy.

10. It helps in preventing Demyelination of Nervous System:

With the essential fatty acids, you’ll be in a position to maintain a healthy cell membrane structure. It’ll also help in preventing the demyelination.

11. It helps in preventing Varicose Veins:

Hemp oil is one of the few oils that can thin your blood and reduce blood clots and varicose veins too! One can credit it to, the high composition of omega-3s but it makes an impact because of other participating elements in their way.

Hemp oil has always been considered important but people have not accepted it in totality. However, we are crawling in the right direction, and hemp spas are an example that we are willing to embrace hemp-based products and that is a positive sign. So, you should even move a step ahead and look for ways in which you can take a shift from regular, harmful products to hemp products. So, we should start looking for ways in which we can use hemp oil on a regular basis.

Using hemp oil at home is a great option, but you need to take care of the application and related processes. For example, it shouldn’t be heated because high temperatures can affect the unsaturated fats negatively and turn them into saturated fats. With this, the positive effect of the same will not be maintained. Another important point is that high doses of hemp oil should be avoided because it can cause nausea, diarrhea, and even abdominal cramps. This is one of the reasons because of which hemp oil should be kept out of the reach of children.

Photo by dinesh_valke