Young muscular man resting after gym workout

5 Tips That Will Make You Better as an Athlete

Everyone knows, that elite athletes take their training very seriously. However, just knowing what kind of exercises to do is not enough, as you also need to have a specific routine and rituals to make the best out of your training. Here are a few tips, that may drastically improve the result of your practice:

  1. Visualization is the first step to Success Most athletes will agree that a significant part of success is to believe in yourself. However, it’s still uncommon for most men to consider mind training as an exercise. Professional athletes often say to visualize their success before it’s achieved. By imagining their conquests in upcoming competitions, they not only improve their tactics, but also mentally prepare themselves for the challenge. The more detailed your visualization, the more obvious your advantages and disadvantages become to you, greatly improving your performance. For example, Jonny Wilkinson, an English former rugby union player, is said to actively use visualization before the matches. Today, according to statistics, he is the second-highest-scoring rugby union test match player by points (1246).
  2. Set Goals Nothing is better for success than constant work toward specific goals you set to yourself. Every elite athlete has his own training goal list. Goals can be based on performance or a habit. For instance, you may set a goal of completing a certain amount of squats or performing of a specific exercise for a desired period of time. Other habit goals can be things like always cooling down after the workout or always going to sleep at a specific time. Goals will make your practice structured and will motivate you for the further achievements. 
  3. Pay Attention to Nutrition Proper meal before the training will have a significant impact on your performance and recovery. Make sure you get the nutrition you need to maximize your energy and recovery rate. It can be as simple as a meal with protein, vegetables and rice before the workout. Before you start exercising, you have to ingest the right nutrients to fill yourself with required amount of energy. After you are done with the workout, you will have to recover. Your muscles will need carbs to replenish depleted energy and to stimulate muscle rebuilding. Milk, for example, contains plenty of carbohydrates and protein and can help you recover.
  4. Stay Hydrated Well balanced hydration is crucial for performance quality. Athletes actively consume sports drinks filled with easily digested electrolytes and carbohydrates. Sport drinks are also useful for active types of training, as they help to keep blood glucose levels up at a sustainable level, so athletes don’t have peaks and crashes in their energy levels.
  5. Create Your Own Training Program Having an individualized training program is very important for overcoming your weaknesses and improving your strengths. Any professional athlete has his personal training program. By following structured training program, you are more likely to improve your overall performance and decrease your injury risk. Quality training allows less-skilled athletes to compete with more experienced opponents and to perform much more difficult elements of your sport. For example, Usain Bolt, is said to always stick to his unique training program, improving his weaknesses. According to, Usain Bolt is an eight-time Olympic gold medalist.

All the most successful athletes in the world share the same success recipe: they achieve the goals they set for themselves, they pay attention to nutrition and hydration to keep their bodies healthy, they train hard and visualize their success. Use these five tips to improve yourself and become a better athlete.