Are Squat Toilets better for your Health?

The toilet has held an important role in our world. We visit it a lot, wouldn’t you agree? This makes the choice of toilet quite important. 

Most people in the western world show a lot of preference for the type of toilets they use and how they use it. Most people in Europe and America, for example, dislike the idea of squatting while using the toilet. 

While this way of thinking is quite popular, how does it tally with our health? Have you ever wondered if squat toilets are really better for our health?

Squat Toilets and its health advantage

To understand the health advantage the squat toilets offer, we first have to take a sneak peek into how our body works. Our body was designed in such a way that the anus (that’s where poop comes from) is at the end of our alimentary canal. 

The rectum is also not far away. This is where most of the waste in our body is stored. Now, between the rectum and the anus is a tube. This tube can be described as “kinked”. In other words, this tube gives us the ability to hold up the contents of that part of the body when we are standing up. 

When you stand up or sit down, this creates a barrier within those channels. Now, this is a great advantage especially when you are sleeping or simply going about your work. It is not so great when it comes to having a go in the toilet. 

However, things are fundamentally different when you decide to squat. The tube which is kinked becomes straightened. This means that your poop will make its way with little or no problem at all. This reduces the amount of strain. For most people, this gives credence to the fact that squat toilets are the best toilets right now.

Straining can do a lot of harm if it is done repeatedly. One big problem that comes with straining is hemorrhoids. In most countries, more than half of its citizens have experienced some degree of hemorrhoids. Guess what leads to this? You guessed right! This is caused by straining. 

The more you strain while you use the toilets, the more likely you are to have other forms of complications. For example, fissures which are tears that develop in the anal lining are often caused by strains while using the toilet. Straining while using the toilet is more likely to occur when sitting. 

While this is true, it is important to remember that problems with bowel movements can be influenced by other factors. These factors will include medications taken as well as diets. Also, a condition or preference which is called slow transit constipation can be responsible for straining. 

Squat Toilets and why we should embrace them

Squat toilets work differently from sitting toilets. For one thing, the likelihood of having to strain is next to zero. While the squat toilet may have some of its advantages, it also has a few drawbacks. 

Squatting is said to increase the rate of strokes in people. It also increases the blood pressure by a small fraction. However, with squatting, things are a lot freer for your bowel movements. 

There are also other things which squat toilets are said to prevent or cure. Some of these things include colon cancer. While these claims might be true, they have not yet been verified. So there is no strong evidence that squatting or using squat toilets can have such as effect on you.

Choosing Your Toilet 

Sitting while using the toilet has been around for quite some time. However, it might be time to consider some of its drawbacks. However, it is important to sift the facts from the myths before making a decision. 

There a number of toilets that encourage squatting today. There are also other forms of using the toilet. This has become more popular as more and more people in Europe and America try on the squatting style. 

Most critics of squatting would point out that while it has some nice advantages, it also has some drawbacks. However, the tide seems to be changing. 

With squat toilets contributing to better health when put on a scale with the more conventional toilet, it might be time for a change.