Basic First Aid For Kids – Common Myths Dispelled

Basic First Aid for Kids – Common Myths Dispelled

First aid is a life skill that every person can and should learn. And, learning the difference among how to perform first aid on an adult, a child, and an infant can help save lives. Many people believe that overall first aid techniques are good enough for adults and children, but in fact, there are some variations that everyone needs to know to be able to administer basic first aid to kids properly. Here are some other common myths about kids first aid.

First Aid for Kids is not Much Different from First Aid for Adults

Althoughgeneral techniques may apply, adults, children, and infants have different body types. Therefore, different guidelines may be considered depending on the victim’s age. There are three different guidelines according with the age of the victim. Newborn to 1 year old is considered an infant. 1 year to 8 years is considered a child, and 8 years old or older is considered an adult. Specific first aid for kids certifications on how to effectively perform first aid on children, as well as infants, are available online.

Kids’ Basic First Aid Training is Expensive

Kids’ basic first aid, including infant CPR classes, is available online. Furthermore, many online CPR courses will even provide additional discounts for groups – so you can get your whole family certified. At those sorts of discount prices you can’t afford NOT to get basic first aid training for kids.

I Do Not Need to Learn First Aid for Kids

According with the Red Cross everybody should know how to provide first aid to cope with emergency situations, and more, where kids are involved. More than one million of children a year are involved in unintentional injuries in the U.S. Learning how to handle emergency basic situations may help save the life of children around you. The truth is that you do not need to be a parent, a foster parent, a teacher or a baby caregiver to learn how to keep children and babies safe. Any child may benefit from your knowledge in the most unexpected moment.

I Am too Busy I Don’t Have Time to Learn First Aid for Kids

You don’t need to go anywhere! There are many great online courses that cover basic first aid for kids. Online education is becoming a trend that gives no indication of slowing down any time soon. Online safety courses such as online CPR certification or online first aid certification are becoming increasingly popular because they offer convenience and are more cost effective for the average consumer.

Online learning courses are actually proven to be more effective for learning and retention than traditional classroom courses due to many different factors such as individual learning pace, relaxed atmosphere, personalized concentration times, learning style, etc. Because online CPR certification and online first aid certification courses can be reviewed at any time for free, they make learning CPR and first aid online the best possible education environment.

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