Battle of the Brain Fog: How Nootropics Can Help You Think Better

If you’re looking for a way to boost concentration, then you may be interested in the area of nootropics. Nootropics help with many different areas of life, including focus, concentration, and cognition. Here’s how it works.

The Main Purpose Of Nootropics

The purpose of using nootropics is to give your brain a boost in processing power, usually by intensifying focus, clarity, a feeling of energy or by improving motivation, cognition, concentration or brain energy.

Different brain functions are enhanced or improved depending on the nootropic involved. The spark the growth of nerves and improve oxygen supply to the brain. The best nootropics are often the ones that are cheap, reliable, and predictable.

How To Increase Brain Power With Nootropics

Nootropics are are great brainpower booster. Whether you want to increase your processing and mental power for an upcoming test or whether you want to just perform better at work, nootropics can help. Some of these “smart drugs” improve the mental sharpness of the brain and help you with the quality of your thinking.

Athletes, speakers, and performers as well as executives are all examples of professionals who often rely on nootropics for peak performance. Most common nootropics are known as racetams. People who have used them often report enhanced mental energy and clarity — the ability to think more clearly and recall more. Reading, writing, and linguistic skills are improved on them. And, the most frequently used racetams include:

Aniracetam –  This drug is stronger than Piracetam and excellent for incoming and outgoing information. It helps you remember and grasp ideas and concepts more easily. It also helps you recall these things later.

Oxiracetam – This is used for memory improvements and has a stimulating effect. Its effects come on quickly, and the effect is said to be “instant”.

Piracetam – This water-soluble supplement helps increase your motivation and focus. There is a ton of research behind it, too, which is nice. You can safely take up to 10g of the drug without ill effects. However, most experts recommend taking up to 4.8g every other day, as needed. And, you should break it down into 2 doses, rather than taking it all at once.

Noopept – This Russian developed memory aid is supposed to be 1000 times stronger than Piracetam and helps with focus.

Supplement Products

Some nootropics are actually common supplements that are easy to get ahold of, while others are prescription-strength drugs. Examples include:

Caffeine + Brain Octane Oil – The butter is usually added to coffee to prevent hunger and help you lose weight. Because Caffeine is a thermogenic, it will help you burn fat if you use it on an empty stomach.

Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse – The combination of these prescription drugs are for people with ADHD/ADD. These are ‘Medicinal’ amphetamines, which give you a stimulant feeling but are not considered “healthy.”

Alphabrain by Onnit – A common formulation of this is “Alpha Brain,” which is a supplement that includes natural ingredients so it’s available OTC. It contains AC-11, which is a rainforest superb herb, Huperzia Serrata, Bacopa Monniera, and Alpha GPC.

Faith Cameron has been working in the healthcare industry for several years; mostly working in the Neuropsychology department. In her spare time Faith is a culture vulture! She enjoys the opera and vacations to Europe.