Battling Insomnia or Need to Ramp up Productivity? Nootropics May Help

More than ever, people are multitasking in order to keep up with life’s demands and expectations. Not only is multitasking bad for your brain, it also makes you less productive, disrupts sleep patterns, deflates energy levels, and all around can deteriorate your health.

The go-to solution for many habitual multitasking suffering from these effects would be energy supplements and sleeping pills. Unfortunately, a good number of popular supplements have negative, overreaching effects. Many sleeping pills knock you out cold and make you feel groggy the next day, while energy pills can cause hyperactivity, jitteriness, and an inability to focus.

Introducing Nootropics

Nootropics are a more fine-tuned solution to the constant need for balance between optimum productivity and rest. These drugs are made of ingredients that have been tested for impact on cognitive performance and stamina improvement.

“A short while ago, nootropics were regarded as useful for only hard core gamers and programmers — but that’s quickly changing” says a NooTropics Expert. “We’re seeing more people waking up to the positive impact that nootropics can have on the brain without all the side effects that people are accustomed to with sleeping pills or stimulants.”

Most nootropics aim to improve memory and stamina, thereby enhancing productivity. Some of them are also able to improve sleep as the natural ingredients wear off. In addition to improved memory, many users say that nootropics have drastically improved attention and focus, helping them avoids distractions most people are used to on any given work day.

More High Profile Users

Nootropics use has spread quickly over the last few years. From Silicon Valley executives to engineers to entrepreneurs, many are enticed by this natural method of “biohacking” that improves mental and physical capabilities with noticeable, measurable results.

Are they safe?

The fact that nootropics are regarded as a supplement means that no approval is required from health agencies, which leads many to question their safety. However, most nootropics producers are larger companies with verifiable track records, reducing the possibility of consuming harmful versions of these “smart drugs”. However, experts advise sticking to brands that have been properly tested and used by other people. When in doubt, only buy a small sample for initial use.

Nootropics Forecast

Nootropics are becoming more than just a trend, and their popularity is heating up quick according to this nootropic master. More and more discussion groups are opening up online for users to share their experiences and talk about nootropics benefits. Venture capitalists have taken notice, and there have been many new deals signed by companies targeting the brain with different varieties of nootropics. The future’s looking very bright for nootropics and shows no sign of slowing down.